How to Rotate or Flip Objects in MS-Word

Rotate or Flip Objects

Rotate or Flip Objects : Rotating an object is a circular movement in different degrees around a center point of it. Under the “Rotate” have various commands to rotate and flip the objects such as Rotate Right 900, Rotate Right 900, Flip vertical, and Flip Horizontal. An vertical object, flipping vertically upside down means flipping … Read more

What is Indent and what are its types? – 2022

What is Indent and how to indent a paragraph

What is Indent?​ Indent means how far you want to move the paragraph away from the left or from the right margin in a document such as MS Word. Generally, Professional material contains no indent, but some follow. According to Wikipedia “Professionally printed material typically does not indent the first paragraph, but indents those that follow.” Types … Read more

Add or Remove Double-Spacing in Word – 2022

How to Add or Remove Double-Spacing in MS Word

Double-Spacing/ Double-Line Spacing: Making text in your Word document a single or double-space is one of the basic text formatting’s you can do. However, the default space between the lines is 1.15. Some people think that single-spaced text looks more professional, while others believe that double-spaced text is easier to read. However, the format of … Read more

Advanced Undo and Redo in Word 2019 (Office 360)

Undo and Redo in MS Word

Definition of Undo and Redo in Word: What most people don’t know is that undo and redo are usually more advanced and faster than Keyboard shortcuts and general commands. Let’s learn how to use it. What is Undo in Word? Undo means going back one by one work that has been done previously in the document. What … Read more

¶ Show or Hide Paragraph Marks in Word – 2022

Paragraph Marks in Word

Paragraph marks are non-printable marks. This is useful for showing invisible characters related to the paragraph. For example, Word-to-word space, paragraph breaks, page breaks, tab spaces, and line breaks. To show or hide paragraph marks, read this post in its entirety. Turn on or off paragraph marks in Word: On the Home tab, in the Paragraph group, click … Read more

How to Insert a Caption in Word – 2022’s New

How to Insert a Caption in Word

A Caption in Word: A caption means a short description of the table, equation, photograph, or other illustrations in MS Word. It is used to describe something that can be published in a few words. What is a Caption? The caption means a short description of a Photograph or other illustrations. A Caption to a … Read more

The Mailings Tab | Mail Merge in MS Word – 2022

Mailings Tab or Mail Merge in MS Word

Define the Usage of Mail Merge in MS Word The Main Purpose of Mail Merge in MS Office is to send mail to multiple recipients by writing and inserting fields into the document such documents are letters, envelopes, e-mail messages, labels, and documents are called Mail merge (Mailings Tab) that is available in MS Office suits such … Read more

Tricks to Align Objects | Distribute Objects in MS Office

Positioning or Wrapping a Picture, Icon, or SmartArt Graphics for Alignments in a Word Document

Align Objects | Distribute Objects in Word, Ppt, & Excel Manually aligning objects is a time-consuming process. But Word, Ppt, Excel has a great feature to align any object, such as a picture, shape, textbox, 3D Models, Icons, etc. with a click. Besides this, you can also easily distribute more objects horizontally or vertically. Important … Read more

Introduction and User Interface to Microsoft Word- 22’s Gift

Introduction and user interface to ms-word 2019

Introduction to MS-Word – User Interface to Microsoft Word Microsoft Word is a powerful word processing application software and is part of the MS Office Suite of Applications. Word is used to sort, share, and store data with different formatting such as Real-Time Format (RTF), Unformed, Html Format, Unformulated Unicode Text, Picture Enhanced Meta File … Read more

Password Protect a Word Document, Excel Workbook, and Ppt

Password Protect Word Document or Excel Workbook with Setting Password

Password Protect a Word Document, Excel Workbook, and Ppt means setting a password to a Word document, Excel sheet or Workbook, and PPT slides to easily prevent other readers from viewing, editing, or printing the document without the owner’s permission. In this article, we will teach you how to create a password protect Word document, … Read more

30 Ways to Select Text in MS-Word & Excel

30 Ways to Select Text in MS Word

30 Ways to Select Text in MS-Word: There are several selection techniques are provided in MS-Word. These selection techniques include Shortcut Keys, Mouse, and other Commands to select all the text, paragraph, line, word, character, any block and vertical selection. To learn all these tips and tricks, you should read all the articles given below to become a … Read more

What are the Keyboard Navigation keys? | 2022’s Master


The keyboard navigation keys are used to move the cursor or mouse pointer around the document area or the screen. These keys are; Left arrow, Right arrow, Up arrow, and Down arrow, and Page up, Page down, Home, and End keys. Source: Redragon Karura K502 USB Gaming Keyboard, Types of the Keyboard navigation keys: The … Read more

Change Watermark for Selected Pages in MS Word 2021’s Gift

Accommodate Different Watermark for Different Pages in MS-Word: ​

Change Watermark for Selected Pages in MS Word: Text Watermark is useful as a sign, which appears behind the content to identify various types of important documents such as bond papers, stamps, mark sheets, documents, and materials. It is also useful to prevent duplicate documents, identify their own contents, and claim ownership of the property. … Read more

Always Open Read Only in MS-Word, Excel, and Ppt

Always Open Read Only in MS-Word

What is Always Open Read-Only ?: To prevent accidental changes from someone, you can enable the “Always Open Read-Only” command. This process is only for informational purposes but, it doesn’t protect your file. The changes are depending upon the readers. When you enable it, your file will inform you that “Always Open Read Only”. when someone … Read more

What is Synchronous Scrolling in MS Word & Excel?

What is Synchronous Scrolling in MS-Word

Synchronous scrolling is one of the great features, used to compare the contents of two documents at the same time by scrolling one of the two documents. To use this feature, follow the steps below. Synchronous Scrolling in MS-Word: Open or create two excel worksheets that you want to compare the contents of each other. … Read more

How to Find Text using Navigation Pane in MS Word

How to Find text using Navigation Pane in MS-Word

How to Find Text using Navigation Pane in MS-Word 2019, 2016: Are you not able to find the words in the document quickly if your document contains more pages with lots of contents? Here is the solution with Navigation Pane. The Navigation pane is the great ways to quickly find the heading, pages, and result … Read more

Bold, Italic, and Underline in MS-Word – 2022’s Master

Bold, Italic, Underline in MS-Word

Bold, Italic, and Underline commands are very important to format your text in the document. In fact, without these commands, we can’t specify the important paragraph sentence, line, phrase, or word. These commands are very useful when you specify a theme of the content. Screenshot on Bold, Italic, and Underline in MS-Word Getting Started with Bold, Italic, … Read more