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Remove Duplicate Words in MS Word – 3 Super Ways

There are many secrets in MS Word that you may not know. But some secrets, or magics, can speed up your work. If you are working in any company, you are guaranteed to get appreciation from your boss. Or you can innovatively do your work.

In this article, you will learn how to easily delete duplicate words from your Word document in just one second.

Remove Duplicate Words in a Second

Type here to find out how many repeating words are there in this document you want to remove

Launch the document that you want to remove all the duplicate words
Go to the Home tab → Click Replace in the Editing group (Or press Ctrl + H to launch the Find and Replace window)
Now type the word in the “Find what” box that you want to remove
Then press Alt + A, or click Replace All on the Find and Replace dialogue box to Remove Duplicate Words in a Second in Word.
How to Remove Duplicate Words in Word, Excel, & Ppt in a Second.
How to Remove Duplicate Words in Word, Excel, & Ppt in a Second.

Delete Consecutive Duplicate Words Vertically

To remove all the consecutive duplicate words vertically in an MS Word document, follow the steps below.

Press and hold down the Alt key
Then click and hold down the left mouse button at the beginning of the vertical consecutive duplicate words
Lastly, press Backspace, or Delete.
Delete text vertically
Delete text vertically

Remove duplicate text or phrases using the multiple selections

Press and hold down the Ctrl key → Then double-click on the word you want to select for deletion → Lastly press Backspace or Delete.

Delete words using the multiple selection
Delete words using the multiple selections

Video tutorial

  • Getting rid of unnecessary repetition in one’s writing may have numerous beneficial effects.
  • It is possible for it to lessen the amount of content in a document, making it simpler to read content and manage space.
  • Repeated words might throw off the structure of a phrase in a document.
  • Removing duplicates assist a document keep its overall organisation and flow.
  • In addition, getting rid of terms that are repeated several times may help enhance the readability of a piece of writing by eliminating any ambiguity that may have been brought on by the repetition.
  • It also assist to check the correctness of a text by removing any possible errors that might have been made by typing the same word repeatedly in the wrong order.

Normally it is difficult to remove duplicate words in Word. But there are many keyboard shortcuts that most people don’t know about to make a quick wave. Using these will make your work editing fast.

What is the keyboard shortcut to delete duplicate Words?

Press Ctrl + H → Type the text you want to remove from Find what box → Then press Alt + A.

What is the shortcut to delete duplicate text vertically?

Press and hold down the Alt key + Select consecutive text vertically.


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