What is F10 function key and what is its use?

F10 Function Key

The F10 function key activates the menu bar of apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. and displays their navigational keyboard shortcut commands. These keyboard shortcut commands are very useful to quickly navigate to any menu and its tools, commands, options, anything you like. How to use the F10 Function Key? To use this F10 Function … Read more

Control Panel Shortcuts in Windows 11 and 10

Launching the control panel using the run

The Control Panel shortcut is very useful in Windows OS. This will allow you to quickly open Windows’s settings, configurations, and applications and use them as you wish. What is Control Panel in Windows OS 11/10? The Control Panel in the Windows operating system allows you to configure various settings and apps. The Control Panel … Read more

How to Remove Malware from Windows 10 and 11

How to Remove Malware from Windows Computer

Is your Windows computer having a Malware infection? If yes, let’s see how to remove malware infection and protect your PC instantly. What is Malware in Computer? Malware is a form of software that infiltrates a computer without the user’s permission. It is a constructed malicious software that corrupts various files and applications of a … Read more

Using “Control-Space, or Command-Space” – 2022

Control-Space for Windows and Command-Space for Mac

Control-Space is also known as Ctrl + Spacebar, Ctrl-Space, or Ctrl-Spacebar. It is one of the frequently used keyboard shortcut commands. It is used to reset the selected font to the default font and size in word processing. In Excel and other spreadsheet programs, It is frequently used to select an entire column. On Mac … Read more

Full-Screen Shortcut for all Windows and Mac Apps – 2022

Full-Screen Shortcut for Windows and Mac Operating Systems of all applications

The full-screen shortcut is useful for showing the entire screen of the current document, spreadsheet, or anything of an application. Unlike maximizing a window, in the whole screen window, the tabs will be hidden. The full-screen window is especially useful when the current screen is not sufficient to do something. Full-screen keyboard shortcuts for various … Read more

Degree Symbol Alt Code -Windows and Mac – 2022

Degree symbol alt code

The degree symbol alt code is a special character and is used to write about temperatures and measurements in the documents like Word. If you are using the Mac computer, the shortcut is different to insert it. There are given below. Inserting Degree Symbol Alt Code on Windows: Open ay document and position the cursor where … Read more

☺Smiley Face Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows – 2022

Smiley Face Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows

Smiley Face Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows: Smiley Face is one of the special characters. We don’t have any dedicated keys on the keyboard. But still, we have various keyboard shortcuts to insert special characters like a smiley face. Get started now to learn how to insert them. Smiley Face Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows: Learn How … Read more

Shortcut key to create a new folder on Windows and Mac

Shortcut Keys to Create a New Folder

Shortcut key to create a new folder: A Folder is also called a directory or a catalogue and is used to organize the files into it such as documents, videos, audios, photos, etc. To create folders on Windows and Mac using the shortcut keys/hotkeys, follow the steps underneath the screenshot. Shortcut Keys to Create a New Folder: Shortcut key to create a … Read more

How to Take a Screenshot in 5 Different Ways On and Offline

take-a-screenshot-using-windows shifts

How to take a Screenshot: There are several ways to take a screenshot/snapshot using the keyboard, applications, and online. The best methods are suggested below. Or, watch the video tutorial below this post. Method-1: How to Take a Screenshot Using Window Key: Follow the steps below to take a screenshot: Open the file or window that … Read more

Top Online Video Converter Software’s in 2022

Top Online Video Converter Software's in 2020

Top Online Video Converter Software’s in 2020: Apowersoft Free Online Video Converter is one of the great applications besides Wondershare and other software for Windows and Mac OS. You can convert and edit any Video and Audio format extremely fast. It is a Free and open-source software with no limitations. The Output Media Formats: MP4, MOV, … Read more