How do I shrink a Word document to fewer pages? 2023

Downgrading a document

There are various methods to shrink a Word document by adjusting margins, reducing font size, eleminating white space, removing or resizing images, using columns, adjusting line breaking and hyphenating text and so on. These can make documents easier to read, more cost and time effective, improve document organization, reduce upload and download times, improve printability, … Read more

How to Rotate or Flip Objects in MS Word – 2023

Rotate or Flip Objects

Rotating an object is a circular movement in different degrees around a centre point of it. Under the “Rotate” have various commands to rotate and flip the objects such as Rotate Right 900, Rotate Right 900, Flip vertical, and Flip Horizontal. A vertical object, flipping vertically upside down means flipping along a vertical axis, and … Read more

How to Print a Word Document and Ppt Slides – 2023

Adavnced steps on printing a paper in MS Word

In this new world, everyone must learn how to print Word documents, Excel worksheets and PowerPoint slides. Some of these may or may not be familiar to us, but not all sophisticated settings are known to most people. You can easily print any document using these basic and advanced techniques. How to Print a Word … Read more

Add or Remove Double-Spacing in Word

How to Add or Remove Double-Spacing in MS Word

Making text in your Word document a single or double-spacing is one of the basic text formatting you can do. However, the default space between the lines is 1.15. Some people think that single-spaced text looks more professional, while others believe that double-spaced text is easier to read. However, the format of these should be … Read more

How to Use Ctrl D in Excel, Word, Ppt, and Google Sheet

Control D shortcut

The shortcut command called Ctrl D, or Control D is used in a variety of applications on Windows and Mac computers. They are mostly used in Excel, Google Spreadsheet, Word, PowerPoint, and other applications. These are discussed in detail below. Ctrl D in Excel, and Google Sheets: Pressing ctrl d in Excel fills or overwrites … Read more

Advanced Undo and Redo in Word 2019 (Office 360)

Undo and Redo in MS Word

What most people don’t know is that undo and redo are usually more advanced and faster than Keyboard shortcuts and general commands. Let’s learn how to use it. What is Undo in Word? It means going back one by one to work that has been done previously in the document. What is Redo in Word? … Read more

¶ Show or Hide Paragraph Marks in Word – 2022

Paragraph Marks in Word

Paragraph marks are non-printable marks. This is useful for showing invisible characters related to the paragraph. For example, Word-to-word space, paragraph breaks, page breaks, tab spaces, and line breaks. Turn on or off paragraph marks in Word: On the Home tab, in the Paragraph group, click the paragraph mark icon to turn on it. To turn off … Read more

2 Ways to Set and Use Tab Stops in MS Word – 2023

Tab Stop Positions on Ruler

A tab stop is a term used to describe the location of a computer and a typewriter. When it comes to the typewriter it is used to stop the carriage movement through the adjustable end stop. Similarly, when it comes to computers it is used to set the insertion point in the document. You can … Read more

How to Insert a Caption in Word – 2022’s New

Insert a Caption in MS Word

A caption in Word means a short description of the table, equation, photograph, or other illustrations. It is used to describe something that can be published in a few words. What is a Caption? The caption means a short description of a Photograph or other illustrations. It is a photograph, also known as Cutline. How … Read more

How to Change Cell Color Based on Value in Excel -2023

You can change cell colour in an Excel spreadsheet automatically by increasing or decreasing the number value in the cell. Through this process, one can easily find out the highest or lowest value. To do so, you can follow 2 methods explained in this article. Change Cell Color Based on Value in Excel Method 1: … Read more

How to Apply Accounting Number Format in Excel – 2022

Select the Range of cells with or without numbers

The accounting number format describes what a number refers to. For example, 100 dollars is represented by its currency symbol $100. Similarly, you can convert the numbers into the format of your choice. They are General, Number, Currency, Accounting, Short Date, Long Date, Time, Percentage, Fraction, Scientific, Text, Etc. Applying Accounting Number Format Select the … Read more

How to Use Total Formula in Excel – 2022

Sum or Total Formula in Excel

To use a total formula in excel, one must know the excel interface and basic knowledge of a cell, cell reference, row, column, range, mathematical operators, and the difference b/w formulas and functions. To return the total in excel, we have many formulas and functions. Total Formulas and Functions in Excel: To add numbers in … Read more

How to Create a Photo Album in PowerPoint – 2023

How to Create a Photo Album in PowerPoint

You can create a photo album in PowerPoint for your beautiful and favourite photo collections and present it to your loved ones. Not only that, but you can also present your photos related project meaningfully and beautifully to those who need it. To do so, follow the steps below. Steps to create a Photo Album: … Read more

How to Use Hyphenation in Microsoft Word – 2023

Hyphenation in Microsoft Word

Hyphenation in MS Word is used to break the last word of any line beyond the edge of the document and correct it by distributing equally to the current line and its bottom line. Doing so will give clear and uniform spacing for the text of the document beautifully. There is no need to justify … Read more

The Draw Tab in Word, Excel, and Ppt – 2023

Draw tab in Word, Excel, and Ppt

A Draw tab in Word is used to draw different coloured inks with Pen, Pencil, and Highlighter with different effects. Adding Draw Tab to the Ribbon If your ribbon doesn’t have a draw tab, then do the following to add it. To add the tab, click the “File” menu and select “Options” to launch a … Read more

How to use Freeze Panes in Excel Spreadsheet?

Freeze Panes (Freeze rows and columns)

Freezing the Upper, Left, or both parts (Row and/or Column Heading/s) to keep it visible while the rest of the worksheet scrolls up and down or left and right, called Freeze Panes. For example, If the data in the sheet is not fully visible or if you are working with the current data when you … Read more

How to Allow Edit Ranges in Microsoft Excel – 2023

Allow Edit Ranges Dialogue Box

Giving full, partial, or no permission to edit the content of a particular range in a worksheet and protecting the rest of the worksheet completely with a password is called Allow Edit Ranges. If you want to set a password for the entire worksheet and also give a password to a range of your choice … Read more

How to Split Text into Columns in MS Excel – 2022

Choose original data type

Columns are powerful features in Excel. With the right formatting, columns can be created to make your data readable to the readers in a way that looks great. Sometimes you may need to split a single column of text into multiple columns. For example, a single column may contain a table of contents or a … Read more

How to Apply Data Validation to a Range of Cells in Excel

Data Validation in Excel

Data validation is the application of ensuring that the data entered in an Excel spreadsheet matches the parameters set for it. It is used to compare or confirm the data entered with current data. If a user enters any restricted value into any cell of the pre-validated data, it will give a reminder-like message without … Read more

How to Transpose Data in Microsoft Excel -2022

Select and Copy Data

Transpose data means changing the row data to column data, or vice versa. This option is a part of the paste special in Excel. Steps to Transpose Data: For example, suppose you have the following data which is related to students’ details. SN First Name Last Name Roll Number Class Section 1 Vadithe Omkar 54 … Read more

Difference Between COUNT and COUNTA in Excel – 2022

Difference between count and counta in excel

There is a difference between count and counta in excel. A function called count counts all the numbers (only numeric data) in a range of the cells or in the selected cells, whereas a function called counta counts all the characters such as numbers, letters, and any other characters in a specified range of the … Read more