10 Essential Snipping Tool Shortcuts – Windows

Snipping Tool Shortcuts: Windows’s snipping tool is a free inbuilt tool used in taking screenshots. Older versions of Windows did not have a specific shortcut. Microsoft has released a keyboard shortcut for the latest version of the Windows Operating System.

Video Tutorial on Snipping Tool

It is inbuilt in Windows 11, 10, 8, and 7 versions. You do not need to download and install it separately.

Take a screenshot using the Keyboard shortcuts

Snipping Tool Shortcuts:

Method:1 to Use Snipping Tool Shortcut:

The following is one of the simplest methods/shortcuts to use the snipping tool.

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S.No.Snipping Tool ShortcutDescription
1.Window Key + Shift + STake a Rectangular Snip, Freefrom Snip, Window Snip, or a Fullscreen Snip.
Snipping tool hotkey windows 10

Method:2 to Use Snipping Tool Keyboard Shortcut:

  • Launching the Snipping Tool Dialogue Box: Before using shortcuts, click search next to Windows key, type snipping tool, and then select it to open its dialogue box. After that use the keyboard shortcuts given below the screenshot.
Launching Snipping Tool
Launching Snipping Tool
Working with Snipping Tool Shortcuts
Working with Snipping Tool Shortcuts

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S. No.Snipping Tool ShortcutsDescription
2.Alt + OChoose Snipping Tool Options
3.Alt + MChoose any snipping mode from “Rectangular Snip, Freefrom Snip, Window Snip, and Fullscreen Snip”.
4.Alt + NCreate a new snip with the selected snip in the previous Mode.
5.Ctrl + Prt. ScCapture the screen along with the expanded menu.
6.Shift or Enter (or)Shift + Arrow, then press Shift or EnterKeep mouse on any option and press Shift or Enter to expand its menu. (or) Shift +Arrow to move the cursor to any option, and then press Shift or Enter to expand its menu.
7.Alt + DExpand the snip delay menu to select it.
8.Ctrl + CCopies the snip
9.Ctrl + SSave the snip
10 Essential Windows Snipping Tool Shortcuts

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What is the snip and sketch shortcut?

Windows have no specific snip and sketch shortcut yet.

What is the snipping tool shortcut of windows 10 OS?

Windows 10 screen snip shortcut is Win key + Shift +S.

What is the snipping tool keyboard shortcut?

The snipping tool keyboard shortcut is Win key + Shift +S.

What is the Windows 10 snipping tool hotkey?

Snipping tool keyboard hotkey is Windows logo + key + Shift +S.

What is the Keyboard Windows shortcut for snip and sketch?

There is no specific shortcut for snip and sketch.