MLA Letter Format: A Guide for Effective Communication

The Modern Language Association

In today’s digital age, written correspondence may seem outdated. However, there are still situations where a formal letter is necessary, such as academic or professional contexts. The Modern Language Association (MLA) has established specific guidelines for formatting letters to ensure clarity and professionalism. In this article, we will explore the MLA letter format and provide … Read more

Space Saving Tips for Your Computer – 2023

Space saving tips

It doesn’t matter how much disk space you have on your computer. because how much free space they have is also necessary. because it ensures system speed. If the computer’s disk is empty, the performance of your computer will also slow down. Therefore, it is very important to remove unnecessary applications and files. Doing so … Read more

Change Google Chrome Background to Your Own Picture

Change Google Chrome Background to Your Own Picture

Google Chrome background refers to the picture that appears whenever a new tab or window opens in the Google Chrome web browser. You can customise your Chrome background by selecting from a variety of pre-designed images or uploading your own. Adding a Google Chrome background to your own image involves including Google Chrome’s background picture … Read more

How do I shrink a Word document to fewer pages? 2023

Downgrading a document

There are various methods to shrink a Word document by adjusting margins, reducing font size, eleminating white space, removing or resizing images, using columns, adjusting line breaking and hyphenating text and so on. These can make documents easier to read, more cost and time effective, improve document organization, reduce upload and download times, improve printability, … Read more

How to Increase Virtual Memory to Speed Up Windows Computer – 2023

Increase Virtual Memory to Speed up Windows Computer

Increasing the virtual memory can increase the speed of the computer to some extent when your current ram storage is full while working with large applications. But don’t set a minimum lower or maximum higher than what Microsoft recommends. According to Microsoft’s recommendation, the RAM you are using in the computer should be set to … Read more

How to Rotate or Flip Objects in MS Word – 2023

Rotate or Flip Objects

Rotating an object is a circular movement in different degrees around a centre point of it. Under the “Rotate” have various commands to rotate and flip the objects such as Rotate Right 900, Rotate Right 900, Flip vertical, and Flip Horizontal. A vertical object, flipping vertically upside down means flipping along a vertical axis, and … Read more

What is the F10 function key and what is its use?

F10 Function Key

The F10 function key activates the menu bar on the apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. and displays their navigational keyboard shortcut commands. These keyboard shortcut commands are handy for quickly navigating to any menu and its tools, commands, options, and anything you like. How to use the F10 Function Key? To use this F10 … Read more

How to Print a Word Document and Ppt Slides – 2023

Adavnced steps on printing a paper in MS Word

In this new world, everyone must learn how to print Word documents, Excel worksheets and PowerPoint slides. Some of these may or may not be familiar to us, but not all sophisticated settings are known to most people. You can easily print any document using these basic and advanced techniques. How to Print a Word … Read more

Work Faster with Essential Snipping Tool Shortcuts – Windows

Snipping Tool Shortcuts

Windows Snipping Tool is a free built-in tool that can be used to take screenshots in a variety of ways. It allows you to capture screenshots of a portion or a whole screen as images. Free-form Snip (capture a freehand selection), Rectangular Snip (grab a rectangular chunk), Window Snip (catch an entire window), and Full-screen Snip … Read more

Control Panel Shortcuts in Windows 11 and 10

Launching the control panel using the run

The Control Panel shortcut is very useful in Windows OS. This will allow you to quickly open Windows’s settings, configurations, and applications and use them as you wish. What is Control Panel in Windows OS: The Control Panel in the Windows operating system allows you to configure various settings and apps. The Control Panel applet … Read more