How to Rotate or Flip Objects in MS-Word

Rotate or Flip Objects

Rotate or Flip Objects : Rotating an object is a circular movement in different degrees around a center point of it. Under the “Rotate” have various commands to rotate and flip the objects such as Rotate Right 900, Rotate Right 900, Flip vertical, and Flip Horizontal. An vertical object, flipping vertically upside down means flipping … Read more

What is F10 function key and what is its use?

F10 Function Key

The F10 function key activates the menu bar of apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. and displays their navigational keyboard shortcut commands. These keyboard shortcut commands are very useful to quickly navigate to any menu and its tools, commands, options, anything you like. How to use the F10 Function Key? To use this F10 Function … Read more

What is Indent and what are its types? – 2022

Types of Indents in MS Word

What is Indent?​ Indent means how far you want to move the paragraph away from the left or from the right margin in a document such as MS Word. Generally, Professional material contains no indent, but some follow. According to Wikipedia “Professionally printed material typically does not indent the first paragraph, but indents those that follow.” Types … Read more

Control Panel Shortcuts in Windows 11 and 10

Launching the control panel using the run

The Control Panel shortcut is very useful in Windows OS. This will allow you to quickly open Windows’s settings, configurations, and applications and use them as you wish. What is Control Panel in Windows OS 11/10? The Control Panel in the Windows operating system allows you to configure various settings and apps. The Control Panel … Read more

Add or Remove Double-Spacing in Word – 2022

How to Add or Remove Double-Spacing in MS Word

Double-Spacing/ Double-Line Spacing: Making text in your Word document a single or double-space is one of the basic text formatting’s you can do. However, the default space between the lines is 1.15. Some people think that single-spaced text looks more professional, while others believe that double-spaced text is easier to read. However, the format of … Read more

How to Remove Malware from Windows 10 and 11

How to Remove Malware from Windows Computer

Is your Windows computer having a Malware infection? If yes, let’s see how to remove malware infection and protect your PC instantly. What is Malware in Computer? Malware is a form of software that infiltrates a computer without the user’s permission. It is a constructed malicious software that corrupts various files and applications of a … Read more