Task Manager Shortcuts in Windows 10 and 11

Task Manager or Resource Manager was formerly known as Windows Task Manager. It is useful for indicating the status of programs currently running and to close unresponsive applications.

List of Task Manager Shortcuts and Commands

  • Ctrl + Shift + Esc
  • Ctrl + Alt + Delete
  • Win Logo Key + X
  • Using Run Command Keyboard Shortcut – Win Logo Key + R
  • Using Task Manager
  • Windows Start Menu. These are discussed indetailed below.

1. Open Task Manager Using Ctrl + Shift + Esc

The simplest and easiest way to open the windows resource manager is its keyboard shortcut. When you press the shortcut Ctrl +Shift + Esc at the same time a task/resource manager windows popup will open.

Windows Task Manager
Windows Task Manager shortcut

2. Ctrl + Alt + Delte Key

Control + Alt + Delete is another popular keyboard shortcut to open the task manager from the list of options from the screen.

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3. Using Windows key + X

Windows key + X is a power user menu shortcut. You can also open this menu by right-clicking the windows start button. From the list of power menu, you can select the Task manager as in the screenshot below. This is especially useful when your keyboard doesn’t work.

Press Win key + X
Press Win key + X

4. Using the Taskbar

You can also open the task/resource manager from the list of taskbar options by right-clicking the taskbar.

Right click on the taskbar
Right-click on the taskbar

5. Using the Run Command

As we know the run command is one of the basic programming languages for windows to directly open any applications, files, or folders, websites. The keyboard shortcut to open anything you want from your computer such as a Task/Resource Manager is a Windows Key + R. When you press Win Key + R a run command’s prompt will open. In that prompt, type “taskmgr“, and then click OK or press Enter.

Press Win + R to open run command
Press Win + R to open the run command

6. Using Windows Start Menu

The windows start menu or button is a list of all applications and other programmes. And the Task/Resource Manager is an integral part of it. After clicking on the Windows Start menu/button/icon (or press Windows key on the keyboard), scroll down completely through the scroll bar which is towards the right of the menu list, Then click on “Windows System” and click on “Task Manager” inside it to open.

Open task manager by using windows start menu
Open task/resource manager by using windows start menu

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