Ways to Launch Virtual Keyboard With Shortcut in Windows -22

A Virtual Keyboard is also known as a Visual Screen Keyboard or an On-Screen Keyboard. To display it on the desktop, we can use keyboard shortcut. Also it displays all the standard keys. To use this keyboard, you can either use a mouse or any other pointing device.

1. Virtual Keyboard Shortcut:

Working with the on-screen keyboard is not that much easy, but you can use it if you are not comfortable with it or some keys on the keyboard might not work.

  • To enable the Keyboard on desktop, press Control + Windows Key + O
Virtual Keyboard Shortcut in Windows.png
Virtual Keyboard Shortcut in Windows.png

2. Launch Virtual Keyboard By Searching:

To launch the desktop keyboard b searching on the computer, do the following:

  • Click search icon, which appears on the lower left screen, next to windows logo
  • Now search and click “On-Screen Keboard” to launcuh it.
Launching Screen Keyboard
Launching Screen Keyboard

3. Launch Desktop Screen Keyboard By Using the PowerShell:

PowerShell is a Windows automation tool to perform various computer operations without having to write scripts. It supports a rich set of cmdlets (command-lets). The cmdlets are used to create, modify, retrieve and, transfer data between computers, and manage applications and services.

To launch the screen keyboard by using PowerShell, do the following:

  • Right-click on the Windows logo (Start Button)
  • Then select “Windows PowerSell (Admin)” or “Windows PowerShellto launch its prompt dialogue box
  • Now type the “osk” command next to user name as in the screenshot below.
Windows PowerShell Command
Windows PowerShell Command

4. Open Desktop Screen Keyboard By Using the Run Command:

The Run command is a powerful tool to launch any program, folder, internet resource, or folder. By using this command you can easily open the keyboard. To do so, do the following:

  • Press “Windows key + R” to open a run command dialogue box
  • Then type “osk” in the run commands open box
  • Lastly, click “OK” or Press “Enter“.
Launch the Screen Keyboard using the Run Command
Launch the Screen Keyboard using the Run Command

5. Open Visual Keyboard By Using the Command Prompt:

Command Prompt is a program for Windows OS that allows you to type commands and navigate through text-based menus and lists. Command Prompt is one of the best ways to use batch files, run programs, access command-line utilities, and interact with the operating system.

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To Launch Virtual Keyboard using Command Prompt, do the following:

  • Click search icon, which appears on the lower left screen, next to windows logo
  • Now type and click “Command Prompt” to launcuh it.
  • In the Command Prompt dialogue box, type “osk
  • Lastly, Press “Enter“.
Open On-Screen Keyboard Using the Command Prompt
Open On-Screen Keyboard Using the Command Prompt

6. How to Use Desktop Keyboard Using Control Panel:

Control Panel is a collection of tools for the Windows Operating System. It is used to customize and configure your PC. settings such as an Ease of Access Center, Backup and Restore, Mouse, Keyboard, etc.

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To Launch the PC screen keyboard using the Windows Control Panel, do the following:

  • Click “Control Panel” to open for its items
  • Click “View by” for its drop-down list
  • Now select “Large icons
  • Then Select “Ease of Access Centre
Control Panel Items
Control Panel Items
  • Lastly, click “Start on-screen keyboard”.
Click on the Start On-Screen Keyboard to launch it
Click on the “Start On-Screen Keyboard” to launch it

7. Enable On-Screen Keyboard from Settings:

If your keyboard completely not working, then you can use your laptop’s mouse or touchpad or PC’s mouse to launch the keyboard by customizing the windows settings.

  • Click on the “Start Button” (Windows Logo Icon) on the lower left screen
  • Then select “Settings” to launch its windows
Select Settings
Select Settings
  • Now scroll down a little bit to navigate to the “Ease of Access
  • Then click “Ease of Access” to launch another settings window
Navigating to Ease o Access
Navigating to Ease o Access
  • On the left side of a window, hover over on the screen divider until you see a scrollbar, and move a scrollbar little bit down, and then select “Keyboard” to navigate to the keyboard options
  • Now under “Use your device without a physical keyboard“, and also under “Use The On-Screen Keyboard” click the “ON and OFF” button to turn it “ON” if it is already turned “OFF
  • As soon as you turn it “ON“, a desktop keyboard will be launched.
Turn on to use device without a physical keyboard
Click turn on option to use device without a physical keyboard
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What is the Virtual Keyboard?

A virtual keyboard is a desktop/ screen keyboard used to type the text as you can do on the keyboard. But in this case, you can not directly type the content, Instead of typing by using the keyboard, you can use a mouse or other pointing devices.

What is the shortcut for the on-screen keyboard?

The Shortcut to open the desktop keyboard in windows 11, 10, 8, and 7 is Control + Windows Key + O.


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