The secret to underlining text with different styles in Word

An underline is the drawing of a horizontal line beneath the important text in any document to bring it into focus.

In this article, you will learn a great secret of underlining text such as a single word, the individual words in a paragraph, or an entire paragraph.

Learn not only how to underline words, lines, or paragraphs, but also apply styled and coloured underlines.

Let’s find out what the secret is!

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Underlining Text With Different Styles in Word

Underlining a whole paragraphCtrl + USelect a paragraph → Press Ctrl + U
Double-Underlining a word, or paragraphCtrl + Shift + DSelect a paragraph → Press Ctrl + Shift + D
Underline all selected words by avoiding the spaces at a time in a paragraphCtrl + Shift + WSelect a paragraph → Press Ctrl + Shift + W
Underline Styles With Keyboard Shortcuts

Video Tutorial

Underline Text with Colour and Style

To underline text with different colours and styles do the following;

→ Select the text that you want to underline with different colours and styles

→ Then go to the Home tab

→ And click the drop-down arrow of the Underline in the Font group

→ Now select the underline style that you want to apply to the selected text or paragraph

Underline styles in a paragraph
Underline styles in a paragraph

→ If you want more underline styles, select “More underlines” → Then select styles and colour, and then click OK to confirm the action.

→ Or select the theme colour you want to apply to the selected text.

Choosing underline style and color
Choosing underlined style and colour

On the Home tab, in the Font group, you can underline font in different styles and colors such as red , blue , green , wavy with different colors, etc.

Underline styles

How to underline the text you want with one click

Do you know an amazing trick? Using this command you can easily underline the text you want, wherever you want, as many times as you want. You can copy the already lined text format and apply the same format anywhere you like. Let’s see how it is now!

→ First, apply the underline format of your choice to any text.

→ Double-click on the “Format Painter

→ Now click on the text of your choice to apply this underlined format

→ In this way, apply as much text as you like anywhere in the same document.

Normally we use the font formatting group in Word to underline a word, line of text or paragraph. But if you want to work fast, it is better if you use the shortcuts described above.

It is important to learn these shortcuts as we use them frequently. Not only that, but they are also easy to learn. And you will learn these things right!?


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