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Space Saving Tips for Your Personal Computer – 2023

It doesn’t matter how much disk space you have on your computer. because how much free space they have is also necessary. because it ensures system speed.

If the computer’s disk is empty, the performance of your computer will also slow down. Therefore, it is very important to remove unnecessary applications and files.

Doing this can reduce computer disk space and increase speed. Then your work will be less burdensome.

This blog post will show you some easy ways to free up space on your computer that you can use again and again.

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Space Saving Tips for Your Personal Computer
Space Saving Tips for Your Personal Computer

Space Saving Tips for Your Personal Computer

Space-saving on your desktop is relatively easy if you keep doing it regularly. Nevertheless, things can get tricky if you start doing them after being out of space.

It is so because it becomes difficult to point out which files and applications you want to keep and which ones you want to delete. 

Thus, it is always better to constantly monitor your device’s storage to optimize its performance. Following are some basic and easy-to-perform techniques that you can use to free space on your computer.

Free Your Recycle Bin

Free Your Recycle Bin
Free Your Recycle Bin

It is the primary and most essential step that you can take to free a bit of space in your computer. Sometimes, you keep deleting files from the primary storage, which go straight into the recycle bin. 

However, you don’t remove those files from the recycle bin because you feel that you may need a few of them later. But it never happens, and the number of files in the recycle bin exceeds those in actual folders. 

As a result, you run out of space because files in the recycle bin do consume storage on your device despite being in the deleted portion. 

Therefore, whenever you want to free up space in your computer, you should aim to empty the recycle bin entirely as your first target. As a result, you can alleviate a good amount of space.

Get Rid of Unnecessary Files and Programs

Once you empty the recycle bin, the next step is to go through the number of files in the central storage to remove the ones you no longer need.

Because of this, your device may have a lot of useless files and programs because you may have stored a lot of random files without thinking about it when you had space. 

It can be a daunting task, but the outcomes would be worthwhile. You can also find some software that is not needed anymore that you can delete to make space on your device to adjust new files and make it run better. 

This practice will also assist you in removing some suspicious and bugging programs that can eat up disk space. So, you should not let unnecessary files stay on your computer if you want to optimize its performance.

Compress Your Image Files

Compress Your Image Files
Compress Your Image Files

It is another helpful space saving tips for your PC. You can compress your images to minimize their file size. It is so because image compression reduces the size of images significantly.

Everyone saves a lot of images, whether they are personal or for professional use. So it would be better to compress the image size before saving it to your computer. 

The best way to compress photo sizes is by using an online image compressor. Such a utility allows you to reduce image size without affecting its quality.

The best feature of a photo compressor is the ability to compress multiple files in a single shot. As a result, you can rapidly reduce image size in bulk.

Furthermore, they can compress image files in various formats, allowing you to compress all image formats with a single utility. 

Uninstall Applications

It is not a hard pill to swallow that you would also have some video and entertainment games on your device that you don’t play any longer. Therefore, you can also look forward to eradicating them to free up storage space. 

Undoubtedly, games take up a lot of space and affect the functioning of a device. Thus, removing even two or three gaming apps that can free up many gigabytes of memory on your device is beneficial. 

In the same way, there will be different programs on your desktop that you installed for different reasons, but now they don’t do anything. So, you can also delete such apps from your device to free up space. 

Nonetheless, it does not mean that you remove every one of them. Instead, you can keep some that seem beneficial for future use.

Remove Extra Files from Downloads

You can also look at your download folder to free up space on your device. For example, you may have downloaded many songs, movies, and PDF documents for entertainment and educational purposes, which are saved directly to the download section. 

However, after some time, you didn’t pay any attention to those files, which kept consuming your device’s memory. When you go through your downloads, you may come across large, unusable, and bulky files that you can delete to free up space.

Delete All Shortcut Files From The Desktop

You may have many shortcut files or icons on your computer. These are also some of the reasons why your computer runs slowly. But some speed can be increased by deleting the useless ones.

Video Tutorial

Increase computer space


You should use the computer very carefully. Similarly, organizing the files in it systematically is also an art. In the same way, removing files and programs that aren’t needed will make the computer last longer without slowing down.

What are the top 5 space-saving computer tips?

1. Delete all shortcut files form the desktop
2. Remove etra files from downloads
3. Uninstall unusable applications
4. Free your recycle bin, and
5. Compress images


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