How to Select Objects That are Behind Text in Word – 2023

Objects including shapes, ink, and text areas in a Word document can be selected in many ways. But there is an easy way out that you do not know.

The method that is going to be explained in Word is very useful, especially when you are working with the objects that are behind the text.

In this article, you are going to learn how to select the single or multiple objects that are behind the text in an easy way.

Select Objects That are Behind Text:

Select objects that are behind text in Word
Select objects that are behind the text in Word
Keep some text in your word document
Click the “Insert” tab to navigate to its commands
Click the drop-down arrow of the “Shapes” in the “Illustrations” group
Insert the shapes you want to work with it
Select one or more shapes and send them behind the text
To send the objects behind the text, make sure the objects selection
And then go to the “Drawing tools Shape Format“, click “Wrap Text“, and then select “Behind Text
Send an Shape or Picture Behind the Text
Send a Shape or Picture Behind the Text
Now click and navigate to the “Home” tab
On the home tab, in the “Editing” group, click “Select” to expand the selection options, then also select “Select Objects” in the drop-down list.
Choose Select Object Option
Choose Select Object Option
Now to select all the objects you want, click and hold down the left mouse button, and then drag away from the top of the object as well as to the bottom of the object.
Select Objects That are Behind Text in MS Word
Select Objects That are Behind Text in MS Word

What is Object Selection?

You can add images and other graphics to your document in an easy way. It’s also relatively simple to insert a table or chart from the MS Word menu. However, if you want to use an image or table in a particular location within your document, things get a little more challenging.

They also give you different options for selecting objects within a document. Selecting objects in MS Word is not difficult once you understand the various tools and techniques available to you.

Word enables you to insert objects that are stored in their own files into your document. These objects can be images, tables, or charts.

However, unlike most of the other elements in a Word document (such as headings and quotes), these objects aren’t visible when you look at your document. You can only see them by opening the Insert tab and selecting the relevant object type from the Objects menu.
Once inserted, most objects remain locked until you select them again using the same method as before.

What tool is used to select an object?

You can select objects using the objects selection tool in Word.

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