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A Random Text Generator in Word and Online – 2023

When we are practising on a word document, we need some text. Typing such text takes time-based on the length. That’s why we have a quick solution called a random text generator

In this way, without wasting your valuable time, MS Word and Online have the great feature to generate random text by using the keyboard shortcuts within the seconds. Let’s see what they are and how to work.

Method-1: Random Text Generator in Word

Random text generator shortcut is also known as lorem ipsum generator.Below are the steps on how to create them. So get started now.

Firstly, open the MS Word document

Then type =rand() and press Enter to generate random text.

In the bracket, you can specify the number of lines and paragraphs. For example =rand(10,5) and press enter to get 10 paragraphs and 5 lines for each paragraph.

Online Font Generator:

Online Font Generator
Online Font Generator

login into

Then paste the text and see the dozens of fonts

Lastly, click copy and paste it wherever you want.

Random text generator is one of the amazing techniques in ms word. It is very useful for word processing practice. That’s why it’s important to know how to use these shortcuts.

What is the benefit of generating random text in Word?

It saves and doesn’t waste our valuable time.

What is the hotkey to generate random text in Word?

1. Then type =rand() and press Enter to generate random text.


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