Minimize, Restore, Maximize, and Close in MS-Word


Minimize, Restore, Maximize and Close

Minimize, Restore, Maximize and Close buttons are also called Control Buttons, appear at the top right corner of the (MS Office Suite of Applications) Word. These are discussed below:

Minimizing a Window:

When you minimize the document it disappears on the screen, then you can see only an application icon on the taskbar. This mode of an application helps you see the desktop and access other work.

Steps to follow in “Minimizing” the Window/Application:

Click on the “Minimize” button which is at the top right corner of the title bar as given in the picture above.

Restore Down a Window:

The Restore Down mode shrinks the document size on the desktop. Generally, this mode is easier to resize, move, open files and share the contents.

Follow the steps below on “Restore Down” the Window/Application:

  1. Click on the Restore button, which appears at the top right corner of the title bar, then automatically the size of a window shrinks on the screen (desktop).
  2. Move your cursor at any corner/side of the application till your mouse cursor changes as double-headed arrow.
  3. Then click and hold down the left mouse button, and then drag in or out the word document/application to (Resize) increase or decrease size of the document.

Maximizing a Window:

When you click on the Maximize button, automatically the size of an application fits the window, when it is on the restore down mode. Generally, working on the maximize mode is so easier than other modes.

Follow the steps below on “Maximizing” the Application:

Click on the Maximize button (When it is on the Restore down mode, then the size of a window fits the screen (desktop).

Closing a Window:

Closing is an exit from the Application/Window.

Follow the steps below on “Closing” (Alt+F4) the window/application:

Click on the “Close” button as shown in the picture, which is at the top right corner of the title bar.

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