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File Menu Options in Microsoft Word, Excel and Ppt – 2022

Another name for the file menu is the “File” tab, it controls and accesses MS Office Products’ file functions. Formally, a file menu handles the files by using various commands. The list of file menu commands is info, New, Open, Save, Save as, Print, Share, Export, Account, Share, Options, and Close.

What is an Info under the File Menu Options?

Info in File Menu Options in Word
Info in File Menu Options in Word

In the File Menu, Info stands for Information. It controls and gives information about Document Protection, Inspection and Management. These are discussed below.

Protect Document:

Protect a Word Document
Protect a Word Document

In the File Menu, protection means fully or partially controlling your document work to secure by marking a document as final, giving the password, adding an invisible digital signature or applying some other restrictions. In this process, the people are not able to access, change, edit, print, copy and protect the document.

Inspect Document:

Inspect Document
Inspect Document

You need to inspect the document before publishing what it has. In this, you need to check out the document properties, author’s name, accessibility, compatibility, Headers, footers, watermark, and invisible objects, etc.

Manage Document:

Manage Document
Manage Document

You can recover your unsaved word document by browsing it. Follow the steps given below.

→ Go to the File menu

→ Click on the File

→ Click on the management document 

→ Click on the “Recover Unsaved Documents” to open the unsaved files list

→ Double-click to select the file you want 

→ Click on the “Save as” 

→ Select the Disk Location where you want to save the file 

→ Change the File Name if you want 

→ Then click on Save. Click here to read more>>

Creating a New Blank document:

Creating a Blank Document in Word
Creating a Blank Document in Word

The New is one of the File Menu Options in Word. The command “New”  creates a New Blank Document. The shortcut Key for Creating a New Document is “Ctrl+ N”.

Opening a Word Document:

Open a New Document in Microsoft Word
Open a New Document in Microsoft Word

The Open is one of the File Menu Commands in Word. The command “Open”  opens the window for opening the saved document by searching from your computer disk. The shortcut Key for Opening a Document is “Ctrl+ O”.

Saving a Word Document:

Save is one of the File Menu Commands in Word. The command “Save” is used to save the current document work if the file was already saved in any disc location of the computer if not, it asks to save the document work wherever you want in the disk. The shortcut Key for Saving a document is “Ctrl+ S“.

Saving as a Word Document:

The Save as is one of the File Menu Commands in Word. The command “Save As” saves the same document wherever you want with a different name you want. The shortcut Key for Save as is “F12“.

Printing a Word Document:

Print is one of the File Menu Commands in Word. The Command “Print” Prints the currently opened document pages as much as you want. To enable the printing option, go to the File menu (Ctrl+P), and then click on the command “Print”. The shortcut Key for Printing a document is “Control + P“.

Sharing a Word Document:

Sharing is one of the File Menu Commands in Word. Sharing is caring about your work which means you can save/share your work on different platforms such as Google Cloud, One Drive, E-mail, Blogs, and people, etc.

Exporting a Word Document:

The Command “Export” is used to save your document by creating the PDF/XPS Document or Converting your document in a different format such as Rich Text Format, Plain Text, Web Page, Word 97-2003 Document, etc.

Closing a Word Document:

Closing is an exit from the document, not an application. The shortcut Key for Closing an existing document is “Ctrl+W” and to close an entire application, Strike “Alt+F4“.Read More>>


It is a Microsoft free account, used to access Microsoft services. So you can save and get your documents from anywhere using the service. You can also use this account to sign in to OneDrive, Skype, and Microsoft store, and Purchase and Activate Microsoft products, etc.

File Menu Options:

In the File Menu, you can use the different options in a word document, whether it is general or advanced. These are; General, Display, Proofing, Save Language, Advanced, Customize RibbonQuick Access Toolbar, and Add-Ins.

What is a File in MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint?

The File Menu Options controls and accesses the file functions of the MS Office Products. Formally, a file menu handles the files by using various commands.