Units of Memory Measurement in Computer


Units of Memory Measurement in Computer

Units of Memory Measurement/Data Storage in a computer are Binary digit, Byte, Kilobyte, Megabyte, Gigabyte, Terabyte, etc. The smallest and most commonly measured units of data storage capacity in computers and other discs are the bit (short for binary digit). The binary value of a bit is equal to either 0 or 1. A group of four bits or half-byte is equivalent to one nibble. Similarly, a group of eight bits are equivalent to one Byte. Generally,  computers manipulate bits in groups of a fixed size, called words. The list of units of memory measurement is given below.

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Units of Memory/Data Storage Measurement in Computer

  1. 1 Bit               =         0 or 1
  2. 8 Bits             =         1 Byte 
  3. 4 Bits or 1/2 Byte = 1 Nibble
  4. 1024 Bytes   =         1 KB
  5. 1024 KBs       =         1 MB
  6. 1024 MBs      =         1 GB
  7. 1024 GBs       =         1 TB
  8. 1024 TBs       =         1 PB
  9. 1024 PBs       =         1 EB
  10. 1024 EBs       =         1 ZB
  11. 1024 ZBs       =         1 YB.
Units of Memory (Storage/Disk Space) Measurement in Computer:

Computer Storage Measurement Abbreviations/Acronyms/Full forms

  1. Bit       =            Binary Digit
  2. KB       =            Kilobyte
  3. MB      =            Megabyte
  4. GB       =            Gigabyte
  5. TB       =            Terabyte
  6. PB       =            Petabyte
  7. EB       =            Exabyte
  8. ZB       =            Zettabyte
  9. YB       =           Yottabyte.
Abbreviations/Acronyms/Full form of Units of Memory Measurement:

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