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[Fixed] Excel is Not Recognizing Numbers in Cells – 2023

Many of our subscribers ask the question “Hi there, Excel is not Recognizing Numbers in Cells”. That is why we are giving you a wonderful solution as per their wish.

If Excel does not recognize the cell, it gives a 0 result when using any function, or shows only the function instead of the result when calculating numbers with the help of any function, or anything that may cause a problem. This means that the blank cell or number is formatted in text or some other format imported from the web.

There is no need to be afraid. There are simple solutions to everything like this. So if you want to know the complete solution, carefully read the steps given below.

Excel is Not Recognizing Numbers in Cells:

Error-1: Excel Formula Shows Zero Instead of Result:

Correct results cannot be obtained without error if all the numbers copied from the website and pasted into the worksheet are calculated using any function. These return zero. Here’s how to fix it.

Double-click on the number that you have copied from the website and pasted it into the excel sheet.
As soon as a double click is given, remove the space before or after the number. And do the same for all numbers.
Now you can calculate the numbers with any function or formula without any error.
Excel is not recognizing numbers in cells
Excel is not recognizing numbers in cells

Error-2: Excel Shows Formula Besides Range Instead of Result:

If excel doesn’t show numbers in cells when calculating using any one function, if only the formula besides range is shown instead of the result, then the numbers in the cells are in the text format (the numbers in the text format are aligned to the right of the cells). This error should be fixed as follows.

Method-1: How to Fix Them

To find out whether the numbers are in text format or not, right-click on the number and click on ‘Format Cells” to open a dialogue box.

Open Format Cells Dialogue Box
Format Cells

In that dialogue box, if you notice the “Text” selection under the category, then the number or the cell is formatted as text.

Number is formatted as Text
Tet Formats

To change the text format to number format, just click “Number“, and then click OK to fix this issue.

Select Number Format
Number format

Method 2: How to fix it

Copy the unformatted blank cell
Right-click on the numbers that you want to calculate
Copy unformatted Cell select number and Launch Paste Special
Copying unformatted cell
Click “Paste Special” to open a dialogue box
Click “Add” under operation, and then click OK.
Click Add to Remove Format 1
adding unformatted cell

What is the cause behind showing the errors in Excel?

A blank cell or number is formatted in text or some other formats imported from the web.