How to Bookmark the document location in MS-Word


How to Bookmark the document location: Creating bookmark is a feature used to jump anywhere within the document. A bookmark in MS Word means that any location or content in a document can be saved with its corresponding names, and the same location or content can be navigated by a bookmarked name at any time in the future. To get started, follow the steps below the video tutorial or watch the video below.

Video tutorial on Bookmark text location in MS-Word

  • On the Insert tab, in the Links group click on the Bookmark.
  • After clicking the hyperlink, a dialogue box will open.
  • Now type the bookmark name.

Note: Don’t give any space between the words of the bookmark name if you want to separate the words of the bookmark name enter the underscore.

Select the text that you want

How to Bookmark the document location

  • Then click on the Add.
  • You can bookmark the location or text as many as you want.
How to Bookmark location of a document in word

How to Create and Bookmark the document location: 

  1. If you want to go to the specific location of the bookmark double click the name you want, then click on the “Go To”.
Go To the Bookmark Location

Create Bookmark of the document location: 

  1. You can and short the list of bookmark names by selecting the Name or Location under the sort.

How to Bookmark the document location in MS-Word:

  1. If you would like to delete the bookmark names, select the name that you want to Delete and then click OK.

How to add or delete the Bookmark of the document location:

If you would like to sort the bookmark name list by its Name or Location, select one of the options you want.

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