Insert Tab in Microsoft Word – All In One – 2022

The Insert tab is used to insert and format images, shapes, tables, headers and footers, 3D models, page numbers, equations, etc. in a Word document. As said in the above line, Only this menu adds strengths to the text in a Word document.

Insert Tab - Insert Menu in MS Word
Insert Menu in MS Word

Groups of Insert Tab in MS Word

The Insert menu has 10 groups. These are pages, tables, illustrations, add-ins, media, links, comments, text, and symbols.

Insert Tab in MS Word
Insert Ribbon Tab in MS Word

Pages Group in Insert Menu in Microsoft Word

The Page Group has 3 commands. These are Cover Page, Blank Page, and Page Break.

Table in Microsoft Word
Page Group in Microsoft Word

Cover Page: The cover page is a beautiful design on top of thick paper that protects the inside content. Its complete information is crafted in a short and compelling title.

Blank Page: This is very useful for adding as many blank pages as you want in a Word document.

How to Add Blank Page in a Word Document: Put a cursor wherever you want to add a blank page in a word document. then click on Blank Page on the Insert Tab.

Page Break: Section break means completing the work of the current page to start a new page, stopping that section there, and starting the next page for the new section.

The table in Insert Ribbon Tab

Table in Microsoft Word
The table in Microsoft Word

Using the table, we can organize the information we want as we like. For example, text can be arranged in columns or rows in a beautiful and meaningful way.

Illustrations Group:

Illustrations Group on Insert Tab in MS Word
Illustrations Group on Insert Tab in MS Word

The action of illustrating something such as a picture, a diagram, a shape, 3d-models, and a chart helps make something clear or attractive.


The Add-ins group has 3 commands. These are Get Add-ins, My Add-ins, and Wikipedia.

Get Add-ins: You can get add-ins by finding them here to add new functionality to your word document, excel, and ppt.

My Add-ins: After installing add-ins, you can use and add new features to your work.

Wikipedia: You can easily access Wikipedia content directly from your office applications such as MS Word.

Online Video:

Find and insert online videos to your document from a variety of online websites such as YouTube, and Vimeo.

The links group in Insert Tab has 3 commands. These are Links or Hyperlinks, bookmarks, and Cross-reference.

Link or Hyperlink: Quickly create links from one document to another, one section to another, one page to another, document content to websites, etc. to quickly access and jump to links of the contents and bookmarks.

Bookmark: Bookmark the specific and important document work that you want to access in the future. This functionality enables you to jump to the bookmark location.

What the Insert tab is used for?

An Insert tab is used to insert pictures, shapes, tables, 3D models, etc. into the Word document and to format them.