Windows Screen Magnifier {With Keyboard Shortcuts} – 2022

Windows screen magnifier is a built-in tool that is useful to enlarge zoom in part or all of your desktop screen or desktop apps to see a bigger screen.

It is useful when you present something to someone, screen recording, or also useful for people with weak eyesight.

Windows Screen Magnifier Keyboard Shortcuts:

Windows Screen Magnifier
Windows Screen Magnifier
  1. Turn on the Windows magnifier: Win logo key + +
  2. Turn off Windows magnifier: Win logo key + Esc
  3. Zoom in Windows/Screen/App: Win logo key + +
  4. Zoom out Windows/Screen/App: Win logo key + –
  5. Zoom in or out Windows/Screen/App: Press and hold down the Ctrl + Alt and rotate the mouse wheel.

Screen View Options:

  1. Full screen view : Ctrl + Alt + F
  2. Docked view : Ctrl + Alt + D
  3. Lens view : Ctrl + Alt + L
  4. Cycle through Full-screen view, Docked view, and Lense view: Ctrl + Alt + M
  5. Move the magnifier window to Up, Down, Left, or Right of the screen: Ctrl + Alt + Arrow keys.


Magnifier is a built-in option for Microsoft Windows. That means there is no need to install any app to use it.

We know that magnifier is mostly used in presentation or screen recording.

If you want to use a third-party app, you can search on Google, download, install and use them.

What is Windows Magnifier?

Windows magnifier is an in-built tool, used to magnify (zoom in) the windows desktop, or apps.

What is the shortcut to exit the magnifier in Windows?

Windows + Esc

How to switch to full-screen view in Magnifier

Press Ctrl + Alt + F when the magnifier is on.

How to switch to docked view in Magnifier

Press Ctrl + Alt + D when the magnifier is on.

How to switch to lens view in Magnifier

Press Ctrl + Alt + L when the magnifier is on.

What is the Keyboard shortcut to turn on Windows Magnifier?

Press the Win logo key + +.


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