A View Tab in Microsoft Office Word – 2022

The View tab is useful for viewing a Word document in a different mode as needed. For example, viewing documents in reading, print layout, and web layout modes.

Similarly this tab is used to show and hide Rulers, Gridlines, Navigation Pane, Zoom Document, Arrange Windows, Macros, etc.

View tab in Word:

View Tab in MS-Word
The View Menu/Tab in Microsoft Word

Read Mode in MS Word:​

The Read Mode makes it easy to read the content of a word document.

To enable this option, go to the View tab → Click Read Mode in the View group.

Read Mode in MS-Word
Read Mode
Read Mode
Read Mode

In the Print Layout Mode, you can see a document appear as if printed.

To enable this option, go to the View menu → Click on the Print layout in the View group.

Print Layout in MS Word
Print Layout
Print Layout Preview
Print Layout

Web Layout in MS-Word

In the Web Layout mode, your document will appear as if it is on a web page. 

To enable this option, go to the View menu → Click on the Web Layout in the View group.

Web Layout Mode
Web Layout
Web Layout in MS Word
Web Layout

Draft View in MS Word:

The Draft view is helpful to focus and edit your content easier. In this mode, you can’t see the header, footer and objects in your document.

To enable this option, go to the View tab → Click on the Draft view in the View group.

Draft View in MS Word
Draft Views

Show or Hide Ruler:​

 The rulers appear horizontally at the bottom of the ribbon and vertically at the left of the document.

To show or hide the ruler, go to the View tab, → check or uncheck the mark of the ruler option.

Show or Hide Ruler in MS Word
Draft View

Gridlines in MS Word:​

Gridlines are a great way to place your objects in a particular spot such as images or shapes in your document.

To show or hide the gridlines, go to the View menu/tab, → Click on the Gridlines in the Show group.

Gridlines in MS Word

The Navigation pane is used to Search pages, headings, texts, comments, or find anything in your document.

To launch and open the Navigation pane, go to the View tab → Checkmark the Navigation Pane in the Show group.

Navigation Pane

Zoom a Document :

Zoom your document to different levels such as 200%, and 100%. 75%, Page Width, Text Width, Whole Document, and View Multiple Pages.

To zoom in or out of your document, Go to the View tab → Click on Zoom in the Zoom Group → Select one of the options given under it.

Zoom Your Word document

Opening a New Window:​

Opening a new window helps open the new windows as much as you want to work in different places on different documents at the same time to save time. When you type, edit, or format the contents these are all shared on all the windows in your word document.

To do this, go to the View tab → New Window to open the new Window as many as you want.

New window
New Window

Arrange All Windows in MS Word:​

After opening the multiple windows you want, you can arrange all of them in order by using the Arrange All to see them at once on the screen.

To arrange all the New Open windows, go to the View tab → Click Arrange All in the window group.

Arrange all windows
Arrange All
Arrange windows 2
Arrange All

Split /Remove Split Windows:​

Split your window into two sections to type or edit at a time. Remove splitting your window as one window which was divided earlier.

View side by side:​

View the side of your document by side so you can compare them easily.

Synchronous Scrolling:​

Scroll your document side by side at a time.

Reset Windows Position:​

Reset Windows Position as if it was side by side.

Switch Windows:​

Switch one window to a particular one when more than two windows are there.

Switch windows
Switch Windows

What are Recording Macros?​

Recording Macros are a frequently used task to run the recorded data at any time, on any document in your system.

Macros in MS Word

Recording the Macros:

Go to the View menu

Click on the drop-down arrow of the Macros

Then select “Record Macros”, then soon you can get a window

Now type the Macro name and description you want, then click on the Ok

Now type the data you want to record

Again click on the drop-down arrow of the Macros

If you want to pause the recording for some time, then click on the “Pause recording” or stop recording of the macros if your work is recorded completely, then click on the “Stop Recording”.

After Macro recording has been done(you must stop recording, click on the Macros

Now select the Macro Name, and then click on the Run (Just like pasting) to add the contents you have recorded.

What is the usefulness of the View Tab in MS Word?

The View tab is useful for viewing a word document in a different mode depending on the need. For example View documents in reading mode, print layout mode, and web layout mode, you can show or hide rulers, gridlines, navigation pane, can zoom documents, Orange Windows, Macros, etc.