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How to Select All Text With Similar Formatting in Word

Using the command “Select All Text With Similar Formatting,” you can select every piece of text in the document that shares the same formatting.

In other words, this helps to select all the text in the Word document (for example, formatted text with bold, italic, color, etc.) in the same manner.

How to Select All The Text With Similar Formatting:

Firstly, select the text you want in the document, as in the screenshot below.

To select text in the multiple places you want in a Word document, Press and hold down the CTRL key then select all the text with the mouse as many times as you want.

Multiple text selection
Select text for formatting

Go to the Home tab,  and then apply any text formatting you want, as in the screenshot below. For example, format text with color, bold, italic, underline, etc. 

Apply different text formattingfrom home tab
Text decoration

Position the cursor at one of the text formatting’s that you have applied.

Click one of the formatted fonts
Click one of the formatted text

Now go to the Home Tab 

Then click on “Select”  in the editing group

And then click on “Select All Text With Similar Formatting“. 

Select text with similar formatting
Select text with similar formatting

Select: Under the option “Select”, you have various commands to select text and objects, such as “Select All,” “Select Objects,” and “Select Text with Similar Formatting.”

Select All: This command helps you select all the contents (with all the formatting) of a Word document. To do this, go to the Home tab, click on select, and then click on select all.

Select Objects: Select Objects is commonly used to select multiple objects in a Word document, such as shapes and pictures. To do this → Go to the Insert tab and insert the objects such as pictures, shapes, icons, etc. Then, on the Home tab, click the Select button, and then Then, press the Select Objects button. Now select all the objects with the mouse.

What is the “Select All The Text With Similar Formatting” in Word?

The “Select all text with similar formatting” command helps you to select all text with the same formatting such as bold, italic, underline, size, colour or some or all of these.