Remove Background of a Picture in Microsoft Word


Remove Background of a Picture

This command helps  you remove the unwanted background of a Picture. To do  that, follow the steps below.

Steps to follow in Removing the Background of a Picture:

  1. First, Insert the Picture you want by clicking on the Picture Command which is in the Illustrations group, on the Insert Tab.
  2. Now Automatically Picture Tools Format tab appears (Make sure that the Picture selection)
  3. Then click on the Remove Background in the Adjust group
  4. Look at the 4th step of a Picture below.

5. Now you can get the Group of commands such as “Mark Area to Keep”, “Mark Area to Remove”, and “Delete Mark” under the New Hidden tab i.e. “Background Removal”. Select one of the Commands you want to Remove Mark areas

6. Then Adjust the Mark Areas of the Picture

7. If you would like to keep the changes in a picture, then click on the “Keep Changes” or you want to remove the changes, then click on the “Discard All Changes”.

8. Now, look at the 8th Step of a picture, which is without a background.

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The command “Corrections” is used to change the sharpness, brightness, contrast, color or effects of a picture.

Steps to follow in correcting a Picture:

  1. Go to the Insert tab
  2. Then click on the Pictures in the Illustrations Group
  3. Now go to the Picture location of the disk where you saved
  4. Then click to select the picture, and then click on the insert
  5. Now Automatically Picture Tools Format tab appears when the picture inserts into the word document (Make sure the Picture selection). Read More>>
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