Positioning a Picture and Objects in MS-Word


Positioning a Picture and Objects in MS-Word

Positioning the pictures and other objects (Shape, Smart-art, Icons, 3D Models, etc.) means placing them in the exact position in the document wherever you want. Whether it is on the top left, top center, top right, middle left, middle center, middle right, bottom left, bottom center, or bottom right. When you position an object, the text wraps around it. Follow the steps below on Positioning a Picture and other Objects in MS-Word.

                                 Steps in Positioning the pictures or other objects:

  • Go to the Insert tab
  • Click on the Pictures, Shapes, or other  related Objects in the Illustrations Group
  • Then select the object/s you want, for example, click on the picture to select
  • Then click on the Insert to insert it.
Positioning a Picture and Objects in MS-Word

Image on Positioning Pictures and Objects in MS-Word

  • Now Format tab opens or go to the Layout tab
  • Click on the Position in the Arrange group
  • Select one of the positions presented under the “with text wrapping” as shown in the picture below.  

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In word processing, text wrapping means to arrange the text around an object. On the Layout tab, in the Arranges group, the default arrangement of the objects are in line with text. In the same way, other text wrapping arrangements are presented underneath the Wrap text  such as Square, Tight, though, Top and Bottom, Behind Text, In front of the text, Edit Wrap Points, etc.Read More >

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