Paste Options in Microsoft Word (Advanced)


Paste Options in Microsoft Word (Advanced): The Paste Option is your choice to paste the contents (with or without objects) of the clipboard in several formattings (after cutting or pasting) such as a Keep Source Formatting, Merge Formatting, Picture Formatting, and Keep Text Only. To paste the contents of the clipboard, select one of the options given underneath the “Paste Options”. So let’s discuss below:

Paste Options in Microsoft Office Word

Paste Options in Microsoft Word (Advanced):

Keep Source Formatting (K):

The Paste option, Keep Source Formatting pastes the text without degrading the text formatting as well as the picture after putting it on the clipboard by cutting or copying.

Merge Formatting (M):

The Paste option, Merge Formatting Pastes only the plain text along with original objects as it was before.

Merge Formatting Paste Options in MS-Word

Picture Formatting (U):

The Picture option,  pastes the text as a Picture with all the formatting that you have cut.

Picture in Paste Options in MS-Word

Keep Text Only (T):

This option pastes the text (Plain text) along with objects without formatting.

Keep Text Only in Paste Options in MS-Word

Steps to follow in using the Paste Options:

  1. Type or keep the text you want
  2. Then go to the Insert tab to insert the objects (Picture or Shapes) 
  3. Click on the Picture and go to the picture location where it was saved in the disk location.
  4. Then select the picture by clicking it, and then click on the Insert or double click on it to Insert into the document
  5. Otherwise, click on the Shapes to insert or draw into the document
  6. Now Select the text and apply the formatting you want
  7. Then cut or copy the items that are selected (the cut or copied items go to the clipboard)
  8. On the Home tab, in the Clipboard Group, click on the Drop-down arrow of the Paste so that you can see the “Paste Options”.
  9. These options are the Keep Source Formatting, Merge Formatting and Keep Text Only.
  10. Now Select one of the options you want to paste the contents of the clipboard with different formatting and with or without objects based on your requirement.

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