A Complete User Interface Environment in MS Excel – 2022

User Interface Environment in MS Excel​

The ribbon, tabs, commands gridlines, control buttons, etc. that a user can see and interact with on the screen after opening an Excel spreadsheet are called User Interface Environment in MS Excel. Excel is an electronic spreadsheet program, developed by Microsoft Corporation.  An Excel Spreadsheet is used to record, validate and analyze the numeric data … Read more

6 Ways to Insert New Worksheet In Microsoft Excel – 2022

In an excel spreadsheet, there are several options there to insert the “New Worksheet”. These are whether the Keyboard shortcuts or other options from the ribbon. in this article, 6 different ways are provided below to insert a new worksheet in excel. 1. Click New Sheet Tab Button Click on the “New Sheet” button, which appears at … Read more

Change Worksheet Tab Color in 5-Ways in MS-Excel

Change worksheet Tab Color in MS-Excel

There are several ways to change the worksheet tab colour by using the shortcut keys or other commands in excel. Changing the worksheet tabs’ colours helps us to understand the difference between the tabs of different works easily. So, follow one of the 5 methods you like. 1. Change Worksheet Tab Color in Excel Right-click … Read more

Quick Access Toolbar in MS Word – 2022’s Imaginative

Quick Access Toolbar in MS-Word

Quickly access any command by adding or removing (customizing) the commands such as Save, Undo, Redo, Cut, or Copy to/from the quick access toolbar. The Quick Access Toolbar locates at the top left corner of the title bar. By default, the Quick Access Toolbar contains a set of 3 commands such as Save, Undo, and Redo. These … Read more

Ribbon Display Options in MS Word 2019 and Office 360

Ribbon Display Options in MS-Word 2019, 2016, and 2013

Ribbon Display Options are very useful to control the Ribbon Tabs (Menus) and Groups. It appears at the 4th position from the top right corner of the office applications (Left to the Control Buttons). The list of 3 options under the Ribbon Display Options in MS Word is the Auto-Hide Ribbon, Show Tabs, Show Tabs, and … Read more

Clipboard Task Pane with Advanced Options in MS-Word

Opening Clipboard task pane

Introduction to Clipboard Task pane: We use copy or cut commands to paste the contents of any Word document from one place to another or into another application or on the same system. But after cutting or copying the contents, the previous copied or cut content in the clipboard will be replaced with the new … Read more

Changing Text Case in MS-Word – 2022’s Skyrocket

Changing to sentence case in ms word

Changing text case means changing the selected text from one case to another, such as uppercase, lowercase, capitalize each word, toggle case, and sentence case. Changing Tet Case: There are 5 common text cases in Word. These are explained step by step below. 1. Change any case to a Sentence case In this case, the … Read more

How to Use Format Painter in Microsoft Word- 2022

How to Use Format Painter in Microsoft Word

The formatting of one text can be applied to another text using Format Painter, which copies the formatting from one text and applies it to the other. In other words, duplicate the text formatting, which could include any combination of bold, italic, underlining, text color, text size, etc., and then apply it to another text … Read more

Text Effects and Typography in MS Word & Office 360

Text effects and typography in Word

Text effects are unique formats that are applied to content, such as an outline, shadow, reflection, or glow. “Typesettings” is another name for changing the styles, ligatures, and style sets of the numbers. Text effects and typography refer to the combination of these parameters. Text Effects and Typography: These are specifically described below to make … Read more

How to Clear All Text Formatting at a Time in Word -2022

Clear All Text Formatting

Clear All Text Formatting: Clearing all text formatting means removing any formatting previously applied to all text in a document, such as bold, italics, size, text colour, etc. After clearing the font formatting, it resets to the default size (the default font size is 11) with the unformatted Calibri(body) font. You can clear the text … Read more

A Big Paragraph Formatting Group in MS Word – 2023

How to Format a Paragraph in MS Word

Paragraph formatting can be a little combination of different commands, such as an Indention, Numbering, Alignments, Line and Spacing. A paragraph is a meaningful part of a document that describes a specific idea or point. It can be a combination of letters, words, numbers etc.  Giving more or less space between the Lines and paragraphs, … Read more

Font-Text Formatting Group in MS Word – 22’s Master

Font formatting is also known as text formatting. It is used to format the text, which entails changing the font style, size, color, and some or all of these qualities, as well as making the selected text bold, italic, and underlined. It is also used to change how the title, subtitle, header, subheading, body of … Read more

How to Subscript and Superscript in MS Word – 22

A subscript is a short letter or number that is formatted to the right of the baseline to make a word, number, or formula that makes sense. Examples: H2O, NH3, O−2 + H2O ⇌ HO2 + OH, NO + HO2 → NO2 + HO, CO2, C2H2, H2C2O,CH3COOH, etc. A superscript is a small letter or number that is placed … Read more

How to Select All Text With Similar Formatting in Word

How to select all text with similar formatting in MS Word

Using the command “Select All Text With Similar Formatting,” you can select every piece of text in the document that shares the same formatting. In other words, this helps to select all the text in the Word document (for example, formatted text with bold, italic, color, etc.) in the same manner. How to Select All … Read more

How to Insert the Table in Different Ways in Word – 2022

Different ways to insert a table in MS Wrd

You can insert tables and spreadsheets in different ways like Insert, Draw, Convert Text to Table, Spreadsheet (Excel) and Quick Tables, and Shortcut wherever you want in the document. Methods to insert the table in MS Word 1. The Hidden Secret to Insert a Table in MS Word Insert the table by using mathematical operators … Read more

Table Style Options in MS Word – 2023

What are the Table Style Options and Its Styles in MS-Word

Table style options and their styles in a word are the customizable and automatic format options. These will make it easier for you to format the table based on your text needs. Manually formatting a table is likely to waste some time. Thus we have a choice in Word to save our precious time. A … Read more

Table Border Styles and Painter in MS Word – 2022

Table border styles and painter in Word

The table border styles and painter are used to apply a stylish look to your table. These include border styles, border weight, border colour, etc. Formatting table styles and borders are useful to match the content of the table in a Word document. Table Border Styles and Painter First, insert the table from the Insert … Read more

How to Merge and Split Cells of a Table in MS-Word

Merging cells in a table in MS Word

Combining more than two cells into one is called “merging cells,” and dividing one cell into more cells is referred to as “splitting cells.” Similarly, dividing a table into more tables is called a “split table.” To merge and split cells of a table in a word document, follow the steps below. 1. How to … Read more

How to Create a Link Between the Text Boxes in Word 22

Create a link between the text boxes in ms word

Do you want to improve the layout of your document and make it more visually appealing? Using text boxes in Microsoft Word is one efficient way to achieve this. You can add captions, sidebars, pull quotes, and other text elements to your document. But what if you want to connect multiple text boxes together in … Read more

How to Remove Background of a Picture in Microsoft Word

Remove Background of a Picture in Word

The Remove Background tool is very useful to easily remove the unwanted background of the picture inserted in your Word document. There is no need to use Photoshop and such photo editor software for the basic type of editing. To know how to remove the background of a picture, follow the step-by-step instructions below. Steps … Read more

How to Have Different Headers in Microsoft Word – 2022

How to Have Different Headers or Footers in MS Word

To have different Headers or Footers for Different Pages in Word, depending on the need for different types of content in your document, we should break the sections on required pages and apply the header or footer. To do so, read this short reading or full reading article in its entirety. How to Have Different … Read more

Layout or Page Layout in Microsoft Word – 2023’s Master

Layout in Microsoft Word

Page Layout in Microsoft Word refers to the arrangement or setting of certain pages or entire documents based on the requirements of the content being displayed. Before beginning the process of taking printouts, it is very important to set the page’s margins, orientations, sizes of columns, and spacing. Layout or Page Layout in Microsoft Word … Read more

How to Add or Remove Line Numbers in MS Word – 2022

Restart Each Section

A line number is a sequence starting from inside the margin for each line of the document, unlike numbered list in the document. Start each line in a document by using these numbers in the margin for your further quick reference even when the content starts with Bulleted or Numbered List. These include Continues, Restart Each Page, … Read more

5 Best Ways to Rename a Worksheet in MS-Excel

Chaning the names of the worksheets

Microsoft Excel is one of the powerful tools that enables you to organize and analyze data effectively. One of the essential features of MS Excel is the ability to create and manage multiple worksheets in a workbook.  Changing the name of a worksheet can help you better identify and categorize the different types of sheet … Read more

Units of Memory Measurement in Computer – 2023

Units of Data Measurements in Computer

Units of Memory Measurement in a Computer (Data Storage measurement in a computer) are Binary digits, Byte, Kilobyte, Megabyte, Gigabyte, Terabytes, etc. The smallest and most commonly measured units of data storage capacity in computers and other discs are the bit (short for binary digit). The binary value of a bit is equal to either … Read more

Permanent and temporary deletion of files – 2022’s Master

Permanent and temporary deletion of files, folders, & other icons

File deletion such as a folder is a one of the frequently used tasks for computer users. Whether you want to free up storage space or remove unnecessary information. This article explores these two deletion methods, permanent and temporary deletion of files by using keyboard shortcuts! Understanding File Deletion: Removing files from a storage device … Read more

How to Create Heading Styles in MS Word – 2022

Creating Heading Styles in Word

The fact that Word documents come with all document-related heading styles pre-built is a great feature. One essential feature is the ability to create and apply heading styles, which not only enhance the visual organization of your content but also make it easier for readers to navigate through your document. These can be customized to … Read more

Insert Tab in Microsoft Word – All In One – 2022

Insert Tab - Insert Menu in MS Word

The Insert tab is used to insert and format images, shapes, tables, headers and footers, 3D models, page numbers, equations, etc. in a Word document. As said in the above line, Only this menu adds strengths to the text in a Word document. Groups of Insert Tab in MS Word The Insert menu has 10 … Read more

3D Models Tools in Word, Excel, & Ppt- 2022

3 dimentional model tools

Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint now offer the capability to use the 3D models seamlessly into documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. This is an online source. To insert 3D models, an internet connection is required. These models can be rotated like real objects and viewed from all angles. In this article, we will explore the benefits … Read more

How to Create a Hyperlink in Word – 2023’s Best (A-Z)


A hyperlink in Word is a clickable text or object that links to any web page, image, video, email, other document, or text in a document on your computer. In this article, you are going to learn the process of creating hyperlinks in Word, helping you enhance the accessibility and interactivity of your documents. Why … Read more