Ways to Apply Accounting Number Format in Excel – 2022

Accounting number formats are useful for monetary values that are related to money or currency. To change the numbers or range of cells to accounting format in excel, follow the steps below. Method -1: Apply Accounting Number Format in Excel: Select the number or range of cells that you want to change numbers an accounting […]

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[Fixed] Excel is Not Recognizing Numbers in Cells – 2022

Many of our subscribers ask the question “Excel is not Recognizing Numbers in Cells”. That is why we are giving you a wonderful solution as per their wish. If Excel does not recognize the cell, it gives a 0 result when using any function, or shows only the function instead of the result when calculating […]

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Using Total Formula in Excel – 2022

To use a total formula in excel, one must know the excel interface and basic knowledge over a cell, cell reference, row, column, range, mathematical operators, and the difference b/w formulas and functions. To return the total in excel, we have many formulas and functions. Total Formula and Function in Excel: To add numbers in […]

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How to Create a Photo Album in PowerPoint – 2022

Create a photo album in PowerPoint for your beautiful and favourite photo collections. To do so, follow the steps below. Steps to create a Photo Album: Go to the Insert Tab Click on the Photo Album in the images group to open a dialogue box In the Photo Album dialogue box, click File/Disk to open […]

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Hyphenation is complete

How to Use Hyphenation in MS Word 2022’s Fast

Hyphenation in MS Word is used to break the last word of any line beyond the edge of the document and correct it by distributing equally to the current line and its bottom line. Doing so will give clear and uniform spacing for the text of the document beautifully. There is no need to justify […]

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How to freeze panes (rows and columns) in ms-excel)

How to Freeze Panes in MS-Excel- 2022’s Secret

Freezing the Upper, Left, or both parts of the Row and Column Headings to keep it visible while the rest of the worksheet scrolls up and down or left and right, called Freeze Panes. Remove freezing the rows, columns, or both is called Unfreeze Panes. In other words: For example, If the data in the […]

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Haha Emoji Keyboard Shortcuts

Emoji Keyboard Shortcuts in Win and Mac – Use in Any App

Emoji Keyboard Shortcuts: Emoji are small digital images, icons, pictograms or logograms used in text messages, social media posts and online chats. They are often used to express an emotion, feeling, thought or situation that is not expressed wholeheartedly by writing the text. Emoji Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows Press Windows log key +  Period key(.) […]

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How to Show or Hide Ink in Excel, Word, and Ppt

By default, you can’t use the show or hide ink option . To use the ink annotation you need to add the draw tab to the ribbon, or you can use it directly if your computer has touch screen. Ink Annotation in MS-Word, Excel PowerPoint is used to highlight the content or draw something you […]

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How to Allow Edit Ranges in Excel – 2022’s Priceless

Giving full, partial, or no permission to edit the content of the selected range in a worksheet and protecting the rest of the worksheet completely with a password is called Allow Edit Ranges. If you want to give a password for the entire worksheet and also give a password to a range of your choice […]

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How to Split Text to Columns in Excel – 2022

Break down a sentence, or a line, or a group of words based on the delimiters and fill them into each cell of a column is called Split Text to Columns. Steps to Split Text to Columns in MS Excel: Select text that you want to split text to columns On the Data tab, in […]

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Data Validation in Excel

Apply Data Validation to Range of Cells in Excel – 21 Steal

Data validation is the application of a required restriction to a cell or a cell range. After doing so, if a user enters any restricted value into any cell of data, it will give a reminder-like message without accepting that value. Here, only unrestricted value can be accepted. Getting Started With Data Validation to Range […]

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How to Skip Blank Cells in Excel – 2022’s Bonus

Skip Blanks or Skip Blank Cells means, for example, if you copy the cells with and without value in a range called A and apply it to range B which is filled with values, then the values will be overwritten and the blank cells will be skipped. Steps to Skip Blanks or Skip Blank Cells […]

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How to Transpose Data in Excel -2022’s Effortless

Transpose means changing the row data as column data, or vice versa. This option is a part of the paste special in Excel. Steps to Transpose Data: For example, suppose you have the following data which is related to students details. SN First Name Last Name Roll Number Class Section 1 Vadithe Omkar 54 X […]

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How to Use Paste Link in Excel – 2022’s Light

Paste link is copying the range of a workbook’s sheet (with or without text) and linking it to another worksheet of the same workbook or another workbook’s sheet. Doing so will automatically update the content in the pasted range when you update or enter the content in the copied range. Link Range of Cells Between […]

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Word Counter | Character Counter – All Tools- 2022

A word count is the total number of words in a passage of the text in any document, application, online, etc. Word Count is required to determine some or exact limit for professional work. If a word count does not have a specific standard, it wastes time, money for a work-related career, also bores the […]

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How to Fix or Replace Broken Images in WordPress

If you’re using WordPress, there’s a good chance that it’s your CMS of choice. After all, with over 60 million users and counting, it’s the most popular content management system in use today. But what if something goes wrong after migrating your website? What if your site is hacked, and you lose all of your […]

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Difference Between COUNT and COUNTA in Excel – 2021

There is a difference between count and counta in excel. A function called count counts all the numbers (only numeric data) in a range of the cells or in the selected cells, whereas a function called counta counts all the characters such as numbers, letters, and any other characters in a specified range of the […]

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The Mailings Tab | Mail Merge in MS Word – 2022

Define the Usage of Mail Merge in MS Word The Main Purpose of Mail Merge in MS Office is to send mail to multiple recipients by writing and inserting fields into the document such documents are letters, envelopes, e-mail messages, labels, and documents are called Mail merge (Mailings Tab) that is available in MS Office suits such […]

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[100/100 Guarantee Score ] on PageSpeed Insights Checker

Getting a 100/100 score on the PageSpeed Insights checker is not a difficult task. Google’s guidelines may be a bit difficult to follow completely, but there are many WordPress plugins on the market to fulfill them. So the details of those plugins are given with complete information. So follow this post carefully. Classification of Core […]

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Download Brocken Link Checker WordPress Plugin

Automatically Find and Fix Broken Links in WordPress – 2021

It’s easy to automatically find and fix broken links in your WordPress website. However, it is also troublesome to find and fix broken links without coding or plugin. You have many broken link checker plugins on the market. Thanks to the developers who make our website work simpler. In this article, learn how to find […]

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Convert Image to New WebP format to Speed Up WordPress Site

Convert Image to New WebP format to Speed Up WordPress

Convert Image to New WebP Format: Convert any standard image format such as a JPEG, JPG, PNG and GIF to WebP image format to reduce the size of your web page without stretching. This will increase your page speed and website ranking. After installing the plugin, there is no need to customize the setting. The […]

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Unblock Ads in WordPress Website

UnBlock Ads in WordPress – Don’t Lose Ad Revenue – 22

Unblock Ads in WordPress: Ad Unblocker is the only high rated WordPress plugin on the market. It supports all search engine apps like Google Chrome Edge, Firefox, and Opera. When a user opens your web page, a prompt pop-up message will be sent to a user’s search engine or ad blocker installed on their computer […]

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Sticky Google Ads | Sticky Sidebar Widgets in WordPress

Sticky Google Ads | Sticky Sidebar Widgets in WordPress: When you scroll the page up or down the visible screen of the widget area doesn’t stick. So, if you use a plugin like Q2W3 fixed widget, it sticks without moving the visible screen of the widget area when you scroll up and down. The fixed […]

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Create a Table in WordPress using the TablePress Plugin

Create a Table in WordPress with or without a Plugin – 2022

You can create a table in WordPress post without any plugin. In the same way, you can create a beautiful, and Responsive table by using the TablePress plugin (the top-rated and highly installed plugin). This TablePress plugin also has a great feature like importing and exporting CSV, HTML and JSON files. You can create a […]

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The Best AMP Plugins for WordPress With Setting Guides

WordPress AMP Plugin automatically adds Accelerated Mobile Pages (Google AMP Project) functionality to your WordPress website. AMP makes your website 5x faster than a usual and great experience for mobile users. And it supports posts, pages, categories, tags and archives of your site. We know that about 50% of the traffic comes from mobile and […]

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Quickly Change the WordPress Admin Username in 3 Ways

We can Easily change the WordPress admin username by deleting or updating the old user name can protect your website from hacking. Changing it is the easiest method. We can change it in 3 ways. These are explained below. Method-1: Directly Change the WordPress Admin Username from WP Dashboard It is the easiest way to […]

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YouTube Shortcut Keys to Control its Videos – 22’s Big

While we watch and want to control YouTube videos using the mouse, every time it can be a bit annoying and time-consuming process. Instead of using a mouse, you can easily control YouTube videos with commands and hotkeys the way you want. However, in this video, you can learn all YouTube Shortcut Keys, Commands, and […]

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The SmartArt Graphic Tools in MS-Word, Excel, and Ppt -2022

Introduction to SmartArt Tools in Word, Excel, and Ppt SmartArt graphics Tools are useful to easily visualize the appearance of the contents in MS Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, or Office 360. To communicate effectively, the SmartArt graphic tool includes a variety of layouts, colours, arrangements and styles. In this article, you can learn and everything […]

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Bring Forward and Send Backward (Objects) in Word – 2022

Bring Forward and Send Backward: Bringing the selected object (Shapes, Picture, etc.) forward to one object or in front of all other objects is called Bring Forward. Similarly, sending the selected object back to one object or all other objects, called Send Backward. Bring Forward: You can bring an object one step forward to another […]

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Tricks to Align Objects | Distribute Objects in MS Office

Align Objects | Distribute Objects in Word, Ppt, & Excel Manually aligning objects is a time-consuming process. But Word, Ppt, Excel has a great feature to align any object, such as a picture, shape, textbox, 3D Models, Icons, etc. with a click. Besides this, you can also easily distribute more objects horizontally or vertically. Important […]

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How to Write a Perfect and SEO Friendly Blog Post 2022

Writing a user and SEO friendly Blog Post is an art. Content writing is not an education that is familiar to everyone. Some come by birth, some by learning. Writing an SEO and User-Friendly Article means mastering the relevant subject. Also, before writing an article, it is necessary to research its keyword to know the […]

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Introduction and User Interface to Microsoft Word- 22’s Gift

Introduction to MS-Word – User Interface to Microsoft Word: Microsoft Word is a powerful word processing application software and is part of the MS Office Suite of Applications. Word is used to sort, share, and store data with different formatting such as Real-Time Format (RTF), Unformed, Html Format, Unformulated Unicode Text, Picture Enhanced Meta File […]

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All Commands of Home Tab in MS-Word 2019 – (Office 360)

The Home tab in MS-Word is also known as the Home menu or Home ribbon. The Home tab is like a Heart to Word. Because of the meaning of the word in the home tab. The Home tab contains various groups such as a Clipboard, Font, Paragraph, Styles and Editing. All these fully format the word. Clipboard group in Home Tab in […]

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Magical Shortcut Keys and Hidden Secrets in MS Word

No.1 Magical Shortcut Keys and Hidden Secrets in MS-Word

Magical Shortcut Keys and Hidden Secrets: There are many secrets, features, and magics that are kept in MS Word. These tips and tricks in word help you make your document work faster and easier. So, there is no doubt that you don’t know all these secrets. I challenge you. You may be aware of some of […]

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30 Ways to Select Text in MS Word

30 Ways to Select Text in MS-Word & Excel

30 Ways to Select Text in MS-Word: There are several selection techniques are provided in MS-Word. These selection techniques include Shortcut Keys, Mouse, and other Commands to select all the text, paragraph, line, word, character, any block and vertical selection. To learn all these tips and tricks, you should read all the articles given below to become a […]

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Sum Function in Difference Between Functions and Formulas​

The Real Difference Between Functions and Formulas in Excel

Introduction to the main “Difference Between Functions and Formulas in Excel”: The function is a pre-defined operation that means it already exists and were developed by Microsoft Corporation as a part of an Excel Application. Whereas Formula is a user-defined operation that means it is like a general calculation doing by the wish of the […]

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What are the Keyboard Navigation keys? | 2022’s Master

The keyboard navigation keys are used to move the cursor or mouse pointer around the document area or the screen. These keys are; Left arrow, Right arrow, Up arrow, and Down arrow, and Page up, Page down, Home, and End keys. Source: Redragon Karura K502 USB Gaming Keyboard, Amazon.in. Types of the Keyboard navigation keys: The […]

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