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How LinkedIn Ads can be helpful for eCommerce Businesses

LinkedIn Ads Strategy

Are you an eCommerce business owner, or do you have a business on the web? If you want to increase your sales and number of leads to make more profit, you will want to try LinkedIn Ads.

It’s a professional networking application that allows individuals to grow their businesses online.

LinkedIn has over 830 million worldwide users, around 40 million decision-makers, 10 million opinion leaders, and over 61 million senior-level influencers.

In short, it’s the platform where you can find educated, informed, and regular customers for your eCommerce store.


But to get the attention of these individuals, you will have to create your professional account and business page. Also, it will require posting targeted content and promoting some on LinkedIn Ads.

LinkedIn Ads are one of the powerful features of this networking application, allowing businesses to reach many people at a time.

What are LinkedIn Ads?

How to advertise on LinkedIn
LinkedIn ad services

LinkedIn Ads are a great feature provided by LinkedIn. With this feature, businesses can promote their content or products on LinkedIn to get more leads, B2B connections, and authority for their brand.

It is not only a platform to get connections or run LinkedIn video advertising for more sales; it is also a platform where you can find the right talent to maximize your sales exponentially.

Why does an Business Need LinkedIn Advertising?

Promote e-commerce businesses

Facebook and Instagram already have huge audience bases and provide the best return on advertising there.

So why should you use LinkedIn Ads?

LinkedIn advertising has many other advantages, which we will explore below.

Better Engagement Ratio

The major reason for creating LinkedIn Ads is that they have a better engagement ratio than other social channels. By using a free online ad maker, you can create ads and directly market your brand among top talent, partners, and other people who might be interested in your company and its products.

It improves your overall business credibility and trust score on the internet.

Access to a Vast Audience Base

LinkedIn has over 830 million active users, and you can easily reach them using the Ads feature available on the platform.

You can easily generate more leads, brand authority, and other marketing goals here.

Improve Overall SEO

LinkedIn profiles have significant weight in Google’s search algorithms. Creating your business profile on LinkedIn will positively affect your business’s search ranking and attract organic traffic.

Hence, LinkedIn advertisements are also beneficial for SEO for your eCommerce business.

Great for Content Creation

LinkedIn allows you to publish a wide range of content on its platform. You can publish short posts, images, videos, memes, and even articles.

All these will help you expand your reach and gain followers.

Tell your business story and Build Authority

If you are prepared to share the tale of how your company has grown, we would love to hear it. When it comes to doing so successfully and attracting the attention of one’s ideal audience, LinkedIn is one of the best places to go.

They are highly convertible leads, and this platform can help you gain authority on the internet.

How to Create LinkedIn Advertisements for More Sales

How LinkedIn Ads can be helpful for eCommerce Businesses
How LinkedIn Ads can be helpful for eCommerce Businesses


Sign in to LinkedIn Campaign Manager

To create your LinkedIn Campaign Manager account, you must create a personal account. So, create your profile and optimize it, then click on the Work button. It will require you to choose “Advertise,” then fill in the account name and currency type.

After filling in all these details, click on “create an account.” This is the first step in creating LinkedIn ads.

Select Advertising Goals

Setting marketing goals is very important to get the most from LinkedIn ads. Doing this lets you decide which type of audience you will target and how you will approach them.

LinkedIn provides various advertising goals like brand awareness, website visits, engagement, video views, and more. You can choose any of the options based on your advertising objective.

Choose Right Audience

After choosing the right advertising goal, it’s time to choose your targeted audience. Understanding your audience and location can help you create a powerful advertising campaign.

Depending on audience region, language, company, length of expertise, interests, and demographics, you can choose your audience. Additionally, LinkedIn offers a fantastic tool called “audience expansion.” It helps you reach a market that shares your target customer’s intention to buy.

You can also enable this feature to get better reach and conversion.

Decide on the ad format.

Your next step to running successful LinkedIn video advertising is to choose an ad format.

You need to go to the LinkedIn Campaign Manager dashboard and click Create Campaign. Here you will be asked to choose the ad format, such as text ads, dynamic ads, or content message ads.

If you need to run a sponsored ad, you can choose a single image, video, or carousel ad option. You can also choose from other types of ads available on LinkedIn Ads.

Select LinkedIn Audience Network 

Many LinkedIn advertisers forget to use this powerful feature. Using the LinkedIn Audience Network, you can increase your reach by 25% on LinkedIn-partnered websites and apps. So, do not forget to make wise use of this powerful feature.

Choose Budget and Schedule Ad Timing

You are almost there, as this step includes selecting your daily or total budget to make the ad live. It’s always good to start with a minimum amount and stay under budget.

First, you need to figure out how much your campaign will cost, and then you can schedule your ads to meet the needs of your marketing strategy.

Using the ad schedule feature, you can run the ads continuously from start to finish. LinkedIn offers you various options for your ad budget; you can choose from daily, total, or a combination of daily and total budgets.

You have two types: lifetime budgets and daily and lifetime budgets.

Review LinkedIn Ads from Time to Time

Once the LinkedIn ad is live, it must be monitored. You must analyze how many impressions and clicks your ads get. If you are unhappy with the performance, you can make further changes to improve the ad’s ROI.

You can even turn on conversion tracking by going into Account Assets > Conversion> Add Conversions.

After this step, you also choose the action type, time window, and attribution model. It’s a final and continuous step to running effective LinkedIn advertisements. So, while setting up ads on this professional networking site, you should also focus on its progress.

Wrapping Up 

As an eCommerce business owner, you may often feel a shortage of proper cash flow. It’s common when running an online store; however, you can fix this issue by reaching out to the right talent and business partners.

In this way, having a professional LinkedIn account helps you support your business and maximize its sales by promoting it online. You can target the most relevant leads using LinkedIn Ads and build brand authority and sales.

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What are the LinkedIn Ads?

The LinkedIn organization allows business owners to promote their content or products, thus helping them to increase brand awareness, leads, B2B connections, and brand authority.

Can eCommerce businesses use video ads on LinkedIn?

Yes, video ads can showcase products, tell brand stories, and engage LinkedIn’s professional user base effectively.

How do LinkedIn’s Lead generation Forms benefit eCommerce?

Lead generation Forms simplify the lead collection process, allowing eCommerce businesses to gather prospect information directly from their LinkedIn ads.

How does sponsored content on LinkedIn help eCommerce?

Sponsored content allows eCommerce businesses to promote products directly in the LinkedIn feed, engaging a professional audience and driving clicks to their store.

Is LinkedIn advertising cost-effective for eCommerce?

LinkedIn Ads can have a higher cost per click, but their targeting precision can make them cost-effective by reaching a valuable B2B audience.

Can LinkedIn Ads help eCommerce businesses enter new markets?

Yes, by targeting specific industries and regions, LinkedIn Ads can aid eCommerce businesses in expanding their market reach and tapping into new customer segments.

What targeting options are available for eCommerce on LinkedIn?

eCommerce businesses can target audiences based on job titles, industries, company size, and more, ensuring their ads reach relevant professionals.

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