Left, Right, Center, and Justification Alignments in Word

What is an alignment?

When paragraphs are aligned properly, a document becomes much simpler and more professional to read. A paragraph is a form of one or more lines, a line is a group of words, and a word is a combination of other characters.

In most cases, you have the option of aligning a paragraph to the left, the center, or the right. If you add more space between the words in the paragraph, you can also justify it from the left margin to the right margin.

Left Alignment:

Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl + L


It is a default alignment. Each line in the document starts at the left margin. It is one of the most widely used paragraph options in Word.

Left Alignment in ms word
Left Alignment in MS-Word

Center Alignment:

Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl + C


It aligns the text to the Center. This is especially used for aligning the document Title.

Center Alignment in MS Word
Center Alignment in MS-Word

Right Alignment:

Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl + R


Every line in the document starts at the right margin, and each line serves to represent a distinct portion of the material that is being presented.

For a letter-formatted document, for instance, you would align the Place and Date fields in the top right corner of the page.

Right Alignment in ms word
Right Alignment in MS-Word


Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl + J


You can’t justify text Mannull, but there are several ways to do it. One of them is a keyboard shortcut.

By using the keyboard shortcut, or justification command, you can keep the professional look of the content without making it harder to read by leaving more space between the words and aligning the text closer to the left and right margins of your document.


Go to the Home tab → Click Justification in the Paragraph group.

Justification in ms word
Justification in MS-Word


It takes skill to maintain a clean appearance for the text in a Word document. Not everyone is capable of doing this. It is only feasible for a select few individuals. However, not everything needs to be done by hand.

There are a number of shortcuts or automatic options available in Word. Simply acquire the skills necessary to properly use them. Christe can make an excellent document.

How to align text to centre in Word?

It aligns the text to the Center. This is especially used for aligning the document Title.

How to align a text right in Word?

Each line in the document starts from the right margin and is used for small sections of the contents. For example, align Place, and Date at the top right corner of the document for letters format.

What is justification in Microsoft Word?

Align text closer to both left and right margins by giving extra space between the words without disturbing the clean look of the content in your document.