Reset a SmartArt Graphic Tools in Microsoft Word

Must Learn the SmartArt Graphic Tools in MS-Office Suits-2021

SmartArt graphics Tools are useful to easily visualize the appearance of the contents in MS-Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, or in Office 360. To communicate effectively, the SmartArt graphic tool includes a variety of layouts, colours, arrangements and styles. In this article, you can learn each and everything related to it. so, don’t leave without reading till the end.

Launching the SmartArt Graphic Tools Design and Format Tab in Word:

SmartArt Graphic Tools in Word
SmartArt Graphic Tools Design Tab in Word

To launch SmartArt Tools Format and Design tab in word, do the following:

  1. Go to the “Insert” tab
  2. Click “SmartArt” in the Illustrations group
  3. Choose one of the layouts such as List, Process, Cycle, Hierarchy, Relationship, Pyramid, and, Picture.
  4. Then click on the graphic you want to insert.
  5. Now automatically the SmartArt Tools “Format” and “Design” tab open.
  6. By default, the SmartArt “Design” tab is in active, you can switch to the “Format” tab by clicking it.

Getting Starred with SmartArt Graphic Tools Design Tab:

After inserting any SmartArt graphic, a SmartArt design tools tab will open. In this, we have various groups of commands to design. These are all explained from the beginning.

Create Graphics:

On the Design tab, in the Create Graphics group, we have to different commands to design the graphic. these are: Add Shape, Add Bullet, Text Pane, Promote or Demote a Shape or Bullet, Right to Left, Move Up and Move Down, Layout of the SmartArt, Change colours, SmartArt Styles, and Reset Graphics.

i. Add Shape:

  1. If you want to add another shape to the left or right side of a shape in the inserted graphics of the word document, first select that shape.
  2. Then go to the SmartArt tools design tab, in the Create Graphic group, 
  3. Click the drop-down arrow of the Add Shape
  4. Select Add Shape After to insert graphic after the selected shape
  5. Select Add Shape Before to insert graphic before the selected shape.
SmartArt Graphic tools in MS Word, Ppt, and Excel
SmartArt Graphic tools in MS Word, Ppt, and Excel

ii. Add Bullet:

  1. To add a bulleted list to the text of shape or layout in a graphics, double click the shape and click add bullet or press enter.
  2. After clicking add bullet, a bullet will insert in the selected shape
  3. If you want to type the text as bulleted list, start typing text and press enter, in this way do as many as you want.
  4. The add bullet and Enter commands may work differently
  5. All the layouts of the shapes are not compatible to insert bullets.

iii. Text Pane:

Text pane is useful to easily manage and edit the text in the shape.

  1. To edit and organize text in the shape, click on the “Text Pane” to open it.
  2. To edit a text, hover over the centre of the text of a shape till the four-headed arrows changed as a text editor (it is called an inserter, which looks like a capital I) and start typing.
  3. To switch from one shape to another in the text pane, use arrow keys on the keyboard or click the shape that you like to edit or organize.
  4. To add more shapes, select the shape under if you want to add, and press “Enter
  5. To start a bulleted list in the current shape, click “Add Bullet” and start typing. To add more bullets, press “Enter” and start typing.
Text Pane to edit texts in SmartArt Graphics Tools in MS-Word
Text Pane to edit texts in SmartArt Graphic Tools in MS-Word

iv. Promote or Demote a Shape or Bullet:

It is used to change the shape as a bullet, or bullet to shape in SmartArt Graphic Tools in MS-Word.

  1. Firstly, open the text pane
  2. Select the shape you want (except the first one, because if you want to demote any shape, the current shape disappears and the previous one is being created with a bulleted list).
  3. Click on the “Demote”
  4. Now automatically the selected shape changed as a bullet and goes into the previous one.
  5. To change the current bullet as a shape, click promote.

v. Right to Left:

It is used to move shapes from the right end to the left end of all rows in a graphic.

  1. Select any shape
  2. Click “Right to left” to move from the right end of the shapes to the left end of all rows.
  3. To move from left to right-click “Right to left” again.


vi. Move Up and Move Down:

Move any shape up or next position by changing the above or next shape to the current position. and move down or previous position by changing the below or previous shape to the current position.

  1. Select the shape that you want to move up or down, or move next or previous.
  2. Then click move up, or move down to change the position of the selected shape.

vii. Layout of the SmartArt:

The layout is useful to change the current layout of the SmartArt graphic to the different layout you want.

Changing Layout in SmartArt Graphic Tools in MS Word
Changing Layout in SmartArt Graphic Tools in MS Word

viii. Change Colors:

  1. It is useful to change the colours of the SmartArt graphic you want based on the requirement.

ix. SmartArt Styles:

  1. It is useful to change the effects that best match your document. It includes Subtle Effect, Moderate effect, Cartoon, 3-D, etc.

x. Reset Graphic:

  1. Clear all the formatting of the SmartArt graphic to the default style and layout that you have inserted.
Reset a SmartArt Graphic Tools in Microsoft Word
Reset a SmartArt Graphic Tools in Microsoft Word

Getting Started with SmartArt Graphic Tools Format Tab in Word:

  1. Edit in 2-D: It is useful to edit 3D shapes in 2D format.
  2. Change Shape: Change the current shape to another different one you want in SmartArt Graphic Tools
  3. Change a shape to larger: To increase the size of the selected shape in a SmartArt graphic Tools.
  4. Change a shape to smaller: To decrease the size of the selected shape in a SmartArt graphic Tools.
  5. Shape Styles: It is used to change different styles of the shape that matches your document content.
  6. Shape Fill: It is useful to fill the different colours to the selected shape in the SmartArt graphic Tools.
  7. Shape Outline: It is extremely useful to change the colour, weight, dashes, and add or remove the outline of any selected shape.
  8. Shape Effects: to change the visual effects of any selected shape, apply the shadow, preset 3-D, glow, bevel effects you want.
  9. WordArt Styles: It is used to format the text different styles you want, such as WordArt Styles, Text Fill, Text Outline, and Text Effects.
  10. Alt-Text: Used to describe the object with 1 or 2 sentences which helpful to the blind.
  11. Position: Used to position an object with square text wrapping in your word document.
  12. Wrap Text: Arrange text around an object in several ways we want, such a in line text, Square text, Tight text, etc.
  13. Send Backward and Bring Forward: This command is useful to bring an object forward of another object or send an object backward of another object when more than two objects are arranged on the top of each other.
  14. Selection Pane: It is used to select, arrange, and rename the objects in your word document.
  15. Arrange Objects: Used to change the placement of the objects in your word document.
  16. Group Objects: Join two graphics as a single graphic to easily move and resize.
  17. Rotate Objects: Rotate flip any image or SmartArt graphics in any direction you want.
  18. Shape Height and Width: Change the height or width of a SmartArt graphic in inches.

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