☺Smiley Face Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows – 2022

Smiley Face is one of the special characters. We don’t have any dedicated keys on the keyboard. But still, we have various keyboard shortcuts to insert special characters like this. Get started now to learn how to insert them.

Smiley Face Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows:

Smiley Face Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows
Smiley Face Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows

Learn How to Insert ♡💔♥💞Heart Alt Code Special Characters.

Insert smiley symbol using alt code:

To insert the white smiley symbol, press Alt+2.

To insert the black ☻smiley symbol, press Alt+2.

Using Keyboard Shortcuts:

In a word document, Press and hold down the Shift key and then press : ) to insert in the word document.

Position the cursor anywhere on the windows computer/laptop browser or app, then press the window logo key +; or window logo key+ period key (.) to pen an emoji dialogue box, then select the smiley face symbol at the second right to search icon, which is at the bottom, then select a smiley icon and click to insert it.

You can also use alt keys as explained above.

What is the alt code to insert Funny symbols on Windows?

1. To insert , press Alt+2.
2. To insert ☻, press Alt+2.

What is the Keyboard Shortcut for Happy Symbols for Windows?

In a word document, Press and hold down the Shift key and then press : ) to insert it.