How to Close a Window with Keyboard Shortcut – 2022

Closing a window means removing it from the desktop screen but not from the computer. A great way to close a Window is the keyboard shortcut. There are several keyboard shortcuts to close a specific window or multiple windows.

Don’t leave without reading fully of this amazing article. If you do so, you won’t become an expert in controlling any application’s window. Because these shortcuts are used frequently by people who use PCs, Laptops, Tabs, and Mobiles.

To close a window, a specific window or multiple windows using the keyboard shortcuts, get started now.


→ A great way to close a specific window with a keyboard shortcut is to use the key combination Ctrl + F4. It works best when you want to close a specific window or its tab like Chrome browser.

→ To close one by one tab of the window (Or a current document, not a window) press “Ctrl+ W” or ” Ctrl + F4

→ You can also use “Alt + F4” to close a window (Alt + F4 is a dedicated hotkey to shut down, restart, and sleep )

→ This works in any Windows version (such as Windows 11, 10, 8.1, and 7) and you can even use other keys if you’d like to quickly get to a different window while closing the one you want.

Close a specific Window
Close a specific Window

→ If you are using any browser and you want to quickly create another window after closing the one you want, try pressing Ctrl + T. It’s much easier than finding a minimized window that you don’t want to use or keep open.

→ Click on the “Close” button as shown in the screenshot below, which is at the top right corner of the title bar.

Click on the x button to close a window you don' want
Exit from an application window

How to close all Windows at once

If you want to quit one or all open windows at once on your computer screen, you can use the Ctrl+ F4.

This shortcut closes all open windows without leaving any open programs active on your computer screen. This is a great way to close all open windows while keeping everything on your desktop or laptop screen.

Because Windows has so many features, keeping track of them can be challenging.

Fortunately, Windows has many built-in keyboard shortcuts that make it very easy to find the task you’re looking for. These shortcuts are available from any screen in Windows.

You can access them no matter what program or window you’re in. In the same way, these keyboard shortcuts that close windows are also part of the Windows features.

What is the close meaning?

Close is the complete exit of a screen, a window of any application, or a file on a computer.

Keyboard shortcut to close a Window or All Windows

1. To close a specific window with a keyboard shortcut is Ctrl + F4.
2. To close all open windows at once on your computer screen, press the Ctrl+ F4 key combo.


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