How to Find Text using Navigation Pane in Word – 2022

Are you not able to find the words quickly in the document? is your document contains more pages with lots of contents? Here is the solution with the Navigation Pane.

It is the great ways to quickly find the heading, pages, and result of the word in the document. So, get started now to learn in a step-by-step process.

Launching Navigation Pane:

Make sure your document has more pages that contain contents.

Then click on the Find in the Editing group on the Home

The Navigation Pane opens on the left side of the document as soon as you click on the “Find”.

How to Find text using Navigation Pane in MS-Word
Opening Navigation Pane in MS Word

Applying Heading Styles to the Text:

To get complete knowledge, Prepare or apply the Heading Styles. To do so, select the text that you want to make it as a heading, then select one of the headings in the Styles group on the Home

Heading styles for navigation panes in MS-Word
Find Heading styles

Find Text:

Now, type the text you want in the search box under navigation pane.

Soon after all the text in the document highlighted with the yellow colour.

Under the search box, the result shows you how many words are there in the document.

To navigate one by one word, click on the up or down arrow as shown in the picture below.

Find Text using navigation Pane in MS-Word
Find Text MS-Word 2019, 2016, 2013

Find Text using Navigation Pane in MS-Word 2019, 2016, 2013

To quickly find the result, you can switch from Result to Pages or Headings.

Navigation Pane in MS-Word
Find Text using

Closing the Text Find Pane:

To close the the text finder pane, x button.

How to find text in Word?

There are several ways to find different levels of text in Word. But the navigation pane finds and displays all text formatting such as heading, text, page, and other results.