How to Fix or Replace Broken Images in WordPress

If you’re using WordPress, there’s a good chance that it’s your CMS of choice. After all, with over 60 million users and counting, it’s the most popular content management system in use today. But what if something goes wrong after migrating your website? What if your site is hacked, and you lose all of your images? Or maybe one of your clients loses their images while working on a project? Whether it’s you or someone else who has lost their images, we’ll show you how to get them.

You can easily replace broken images on WordPress with the default image of your choice, with and/ or without a plugin. Doing so will protect your website’s ranking from falling.

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Steps to Replace Broken Images in WordPress Website:

  • First, login into the WordPress website’s dashboard and search, install and activate “Replace Broken Images” plugin. Now all of the broken images of all posts replace with the default image.
  • If you want to replace the broken images with an alternate image of your choice, navigate to the WP dashboard and click on “Replace Broken Images“. (If this option doesn’t appear on the WP dashboard, scroll down slightly).
Replace broken images in WordPress
Replace the broken images in WordPress
  • After that, to select an alternate image, click on “Upload Image” under “Image Not Available” image and select an image from your WP media or upload your desired images. lastly, click on Save.
Alternate image in your WordPress Website
Alternate image in your WordPress Website

What are the causes behind the broken images in WordPress?

There are many reasons why an image may break on your blog or website. 1. Breaks your website image if something goes wrong when you move your website from one hosting company to another or 2. If something goes wrong while you, your client or your employee are working with the content, your website image is more likely to be broken.

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How to fix broken images on WordPress

How to Replace Broken Images in WordPress

You can manually replace one by one image or use one of the broken image replacer plugins to fix it. The easiest way is using the WP Plugin.