Convert Text to Table and Convert to Text


Convert Text to Table and Convert to Text: Converting text to the table means adding a table to the contents in the document. Similarly, converting table to text means removing the table by keeping the contents. 

Convert Text to Table:

  1. Select the text you want (Look at the picture below)

2.  Then go to the Insert tab

3.  After that, click on the Table in the Table group

4.  Under the Table, when you click on the Convert Text to Table, automatically you can get a dialogue-box

5.  In the dialogue box, under the Table Size, choose number of columns or rows you want. Next step starts under the picture below…

Carefully observe the directions given in the picture below


6.Then Select one of the Autofit Behavior options such as Fixed Column Width, Autofit Contents, and Autofit Window.

    • Fixed Column Width means to fix the width of the column of a table in the exact size you want is called Fixed Column Width. Read More>>
    • An Autofit Contents means resizing the column width of a table according to the content width If the content in the column of a table is less or greater than the width of the column. Read More>>
    • An Autofit Window means the table is fully fit from the left margin to the right margin in the document. Read More>>

7.  Then select text separators such as Paragraphs, Tabs, Commas, and others.

8.  Then click OK 

9.  Look at the picture given above.

Convert table to Text:

To remove the table from the content, follow the steps below as well as in the picture:

  1. Select the Table 

  2. Then go to the Table Tools Layout tab

  3. Then click on the Convert to Text, afterwards, immediately you can get a dialogue box

  4. After that, select one of the text separators, such as Paragraph marks, Tabs, Commas, or other Behaviors.

  5. lastly, click on the OK.

Carefully observe the directions given in the picture below

6. Now, your table is converted to text as shown in the picture below.

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