How to Add or Remove Line Numbers in MS Word – 2022

Restart Each Section

Line Numbers in MS Word: A line number is a sequence starting from inside the margin for each line for the document, unlike numbered list in the document. Start each line in a document by using these numbers in the margin for your further quick reference even when the content starts with Bulleted or Numbered List. These include … Read more

Spelling & Grammar | Proofing Errors in MS-Word – 2022

Proofing Errors in MS-Word

Spelling and Grammar Errors: While we are entering the data in a word document, there are chances of occurring some grammatical and spelling errors. To check and correct them, we have some ways in a word document. Now let’s discuss these: Proofing Errors Corrections in MS-Word To check and correct the Spelling &Grammar (Proofing Errors) … Read more

A Review tab in Microsoft Office Word – 2022’s Master

All about Review Tab in MS-Word

After preparing the contents of your document, it is very helpful to double-check that they are proper. For example spelling and grammar checking and seeing how many words are there in your document, etc. A Review tab in Microsoft Office Word Proofing Group: 1. Spelling and grammar (Proofing Errors): Checks your document contents whether misspelt … Read more

Registration, Copyright and Trademark Symbols in Word 2022

Insert Copyright, Trademark, and Registration Symbols

learn the fastest was to insert the Registration, Copyright, and Trademark Symbols by using the keyboard shortcuts in Microsoft Word. To do so, follow the steps underneath the image. Method 1: Insert Registration, Copyright, and Trademark Symbols Symbol Name Shortcut Key Registration Symbol Alt + Ctrl + R Copyright Symbol Alt + Ctrl + C … Read more

How to Create Heading Styles in MS-Word – 2022

Creating Heading Styles in Word

What is a great feature in Word document is that all document related heading styles are pre-built in it. These can be customized according to your needs. Not only you can use built-in styles such as headings, captions, subtitles, annotations, indentation, etc., you can also quickly clear heading styles if you don’t want. If existing … Read more