Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQ & A) – MS Office

Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQ & A) - MS Office

(Objective) MCQ – Multiple Choice Questions and Answers – MS Office This article on Objective-Multiple Choice Questions of MS-Office is useful for any interviews and competitive exams. Objective-(MCQ) Multiple Choice Questions – MS-Word (Office 360): Home, Insert, Design Layout, References, Mailings, Review, and View in MS Office Word, Excel, and PPT are called—- Tabs or … Read more

Left, Right, Center, and Justification Alignments in Word

Left Alignment in ms word

Left, Right, Center, and Justification Alignments in MS-Word: Paragraph alignments make a document professionally easy to read. A paragraph is a form of one or more lines, a line is a group of words, and a word is a combination of other characters. Generally, a paragraph aligns Left, Center, Right and Justifies the paragraph from the … Read more

Different Page Borders for Different Pages in Word

Add or Insert 8 or more page for page borders

Different Page Borders for Different Pages: You can apply different page borders to the pages you like. Various page borders add beauty to your document. These can be very useful for small children’s projects and any other related projects. What most people do not know, however, is how to add different borders. So in this … Read more

Set Portrait and Landscape Page Orientations in Word

Add or Insert 8 or more page or setting portrait and landscape pages in word

Set Portrait and Landscape Page Orientations at a time: Changing the Portrait page as a Landscape page and the Landscape page as a Portrait is called Orientation. In other words, changing the height of a page as width and width of a page as height, called Orientation. However, the default Page Layout in a word is Portrait. … Read more

Quick Access Toolbar in MS Word – 2022’s Imaginative

Quick Access Toolbar in MS-Word

Customize The Quick Access Toolbar in Microsoft Office Word:  Do you wanna use the commands of the word quickly and frequently so, customize the quick access toolbar by adding or removing the commands? The Quick Access Toolbar locates at the top left corner of the title bar. By default, the Quick Access Toolbar contains a set of … Read more

Ribbon Display Options in MS Word 2019 and Office 360

Ribbon Display Options in MS-Word 2019, 2016, and 2013

Ribbon Display Options are very useful to control the Ribbon Tabs (Menus) and Groups. It appears at the 4th position from the top right corner of the office applications (Left to the Control Buttons). The list of 3 options under the Ribbon Display Options in MS-Word is the Auto-Hide Ribbon, Show Tabs, Show Tabs, and Commands. … Read more

Hidden Control Buttons That you Don’t Know in MS-Word

Hidden Control Buttons

Hidden Control Buttons are contextual, that appears based upon the Left or Right-click on the Title bar. There is a slight difference between the Hidden Control Buttons and the Control Buttons. In general, the control buttons include Minimize, Restore Down/Maximize and Close, which appear at the top right corner of the MS Office Suite of Applications (Right to the Ribbon Display … Read more

How to Use Format Painter in Microsoft Word- 2022

How to use Format Painter in MS-Office Word

Format Painter Copies formatting from one text and applying it to another. In other meaningful words, copy the text formatting such as any combination of bold, italic, underline, text colour, text size, etc. and apply it to another text to make it the same as the copied one. This Painter is very easy and extremely beneficial to … Read more

Paste Options in Microsoft Word (Advanced) – 2022

Paste Options in Microsoft Office Word

Paste Options is your choice to paste the contents (with or without the objects) of the clipboard in several formattings (after cutting or pasting) such as Keep Source Formatting, Merge Formatting, Picture Formatting, and Keep Text Only. Keep Source Formatting (K) – Paste Options in MS Word in the Paste options, Keep Source Formatting pastes … Read more

How to Subscript and Superscript in MS-Word – 22

Subscript means to make the selected letter or number smaller to the baseline, which is towards the right of any text or number/s to form a meaningful word, number or formula. Examples: H2O, NH3, etc. Superscript means to make the selected letter or number smaller to the power, which is to the right of any … Read more

Changing Text Case in MS-Word – 2022’s Skyrocket

Changing to sentence case in ms word

Changing Text Case means changing the selected text from one case to another such as an Uppercase, Lowercase, Capitalize Each Word, Toggle Case, and Sentence Case. Changing Tet Case: There are 5 common text cases in Word. These are 1. Uppercase, 2. Lowercase, 3. Capitalize Each Word, 4. Toggle Case, and 5. Sentence Case. These … Read more

Text Effects and Typography in MS Word & Office 360

The Text Effects and Typography in MS-Word

Applying the special formats to the content such as an Outline, Shadow, Reflection or Glow is known as the Text Effects. Similarly, changing the Styles, Ligatures, and Stylistics Sets of the numbers is called Typography settings. The combination of these settings are called the Text Effects and Typography. Text Effects and Typography: These are specifically described … Read more

How to Clear All Text Formatting at a time in Word -2022

Clear All Text Formatting

Clearing all text formatting means removing any formatting previously applied to all text in a document, such as bold, italics, size, text color, etc. After clearing the font formatting, it resets to the default size (the default font size is 11) with the unformatted Calibri(body) font. You can clear the text formatting by using a … Read more

A Paragraph Formatting Group in MS-Word – 22’s New

Paragraph Formatting in Word

A paragraph is a meaning part of a document that describes a specific idea or point. It can be a combination of letters, words, numbers etc. Giving more or less space between the Lines and Paragraphs is called Line and Paragraph Spacing. By default, the space between the lines in the word is 1.15. Similarly, the space … Read more

Create a Bulleted and Numbered List in MS-Word

Create a Bulleted and Numbered List in MS-Word

Creating a Bulleted List: Make the text easier to read by specifying each word/line/sentence with a bulleted list in your word document that you like. To get started with the bulleted list, follow the steps below the screenshot: Creating Numbered List: Go to the Home tab Click on the drop-down arrow of the Bullets, which is … Read more

Select All Text With Similar Formatting in MS-Word

Select All Text With Similar Formatting in MS-Word

The command “Select All Text With Similar Formatting” helps you select all the text with the same formatting. It means selecting all text in a Word document that has the same format (or eg: text formatted with bold, italic, color, etc.) rather than all text. Select All The Text With Similar Formatting in MS-Word: Enter … Read more

Ways to Insert the Table in MS-Word – 2022

Secret or shortcut to insert the table in ms word

There are several ways to insert the table in MS-Word. You can insert table and spreadsheet in different ways like Insert, Draw, Convert Text to Table, Spreadsheet (Excel) and Quick Tables, Shortcut wherever you want in the document. Methods to insert the table in MS Word 1. The Hidden Secret to Insert a Table in … Read more

Convert Text to Table and Convert to Text in Word

Selecting text in ms word document

In this article, you can learn Convert Text to Table and Convert to Text in MS-Word. Converting text to the table means adding a table to the contents in the document. Similarly, converting a table to text means removing the table by keeping the contents.  Convert Text to Table in Word: Type and select text … Read more

Hidden / Contextual tools Format tab in MS-Word

Hidden / Contextual tools “Format” tab: Format tab is a contextual or hidden tab that you can see it only when you insert or select Picture, Clip-Arts, Shapes, Smart-Art Graphics, Icons, 3D Models, and Chart. Contextual Tools Format Tab in a Word Document:  To open the Hidden/Contextual Tools Format tab in the ms word, you should insert the Objects such … Read more

How to Remove Background of a Picture in Microsoft Word

Remove Background of a Picture in Word

The Remove Background tool is very useful to easily remove the unwanted background of the picture inserted in your Word document. There is no need to use Photoshop and such photo editor software for the basic type of editing. To know how to remove the background of a picture, follow the step-by-step instructions below. Steps … Read more

Border, Effect, Layout, and Styles of a Picture in MS-Word

Border, Effect, Layout, and Styles of a Picture

Border, Effect, Layout and Styles of a Picture: To apply different picture borders, visual effects,  convert a picture into a different SmartArt graphic layout, follow the steps given below. Picture Border/Outline in MS-Word:​ Picture Border is also known as a Picture Outline. It is used to apply Theme Color, Width and Dashes to the Border of … Read more

Grouping and Ungrouping the Objects in MS-Word

Grouping and Ungrouping the Objects in MS-Word

Grouping and  Ungrouping the Objects: Grouping means making more objects together into one object. Similarly, ungrouping means dividing the grouped objects as if they were a single object. Benefits of Grouping the Objects: Grouping two or more objects make them a single object. And if you resize the single grouped objects, their placement will be evenly … Read more

Crop and Crop to Shape of a Picture in Word – 2022

Cropping-an-Image in MS Word

Crop, Crop to Shape: Cutting any aspect ratio from the unwanted outer part of an image is called Crop. Similarly, Cropping an image in different ratios such as Square, Portrait, and Landscape is called Aspect Ratio. Crop a Picture:​ Cropping means cutting any aspect ratio from the unwanted outer part of an image. Go to … Read more

All Except First Page and First Page Border in Word

This Section First Page Only | All Except First Page and First Page Border in Word​

All Except First Page and First Page Border in Word: Page border makes your document professional and stylish look. You can choose a variety of page borders Line Styles, Widths, Colors, and Effects, or you can also apply the different Art styles for Page Borders. This Section – First Page Border Only: Go to the Design tab Click … Read more