Using “Control-Space, or Command-Space” – 2022

Control-Space for Windows and Command-Space for Mac

Control-Space is also known as Ctrl + Spacebar, Ctrl-Space, or Ctrl-Spacebar. It is one of the frequently used keyboard shortcut commands. It is used to reset the selected font to the default font and size in word processing. In Excel and other spreadsheet programs, It is frequently used to select an entire column. On Mac … Read more

Full-Screen Shortcut for all Windows and Mac Apps – 2022

Full-Screen Shortcut for Windows and Mac Operating Systems of all applications

The full-screen shortcut is useful for showing the entire screen of the current document, spreadsheet, or anything of an application. Unlike maximizing a window, in the whole screen window, the tabs will be hidden. The full-screen window is especially useful when the current screen is not sufficient to do something. Full-screen keyboard shortcuts for various … Read more

How to Add Breadcrumbs to any WordPress Website- 2022

General Settings of Rank Math

There are many ways to display breadcrumbs on WP Websites. To add breadcrumbs to any WordPress website you need to make sure your theme has the default support option, or use the plugin, or have this option in the SEO plugin, or you can add coding. Benefits of Using Breadcrumbs in WordPress: Enabling breadcrumbs on … Read more

Advanced Undo and Redo in Word 2019 (Office 360)

Undo and Redo in MS Word

Definition of Undo and Redo in Word: What most people don’t know is that undo and redo are usually more advanced and faster than Keyboard shortcuts and general commands. Let’s learn how to use it. What is Undo in Word? Undo means going back one by one work that has been done previously in the document. What … Read more

¶ Show or Hide Paragraph Marks in Word – 2022

Paragraph Marks in Word

Paragraph marks are non-printable marks. This is useful for showing invisible characters related to the paragraph. For example, Word-to-word space, paragraph breaks, page breaks, tab spaces, and line breaks. To show or hide paragraph marks, read this post in its entirety. Turn on or off paragraph marks in Word: On the Home tab, in the Paragraph group, click … Read more

Degree Symbol Alt Code -Windows and Mac – 2022

Degree symbol alt code

The degree symbol alt code is a special character and is used to write about temperatures and measurements in the documents like Word. If you are using the Mac computer, the shortcut is different to insert it. There are given below. Inserting Degree Symbol Alt Code on Windows: Open ay document and position the cursor where … Read more

☺Smiley Face Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows – 2022

Smiley Face Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows

Smiley Face Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows: Smiley Face is one of the special characters. We don’t have any dedicated keys on the keyboard. But still, we have various keyboard shortcuts to insert special characters like a smiley face. Get started now to learn how to insert them. Smiley Face Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows: Learn How … Read more

Shortcut key to create a new folder on Windows and Mac

Shortcut Keys to Create a New Folder

Shortcut key to create a new folder: A Folder is also called a directory or a catalogue and is used to organize the files into it such as documents, videos, audios, photos, etc. To create folders on Windows and Mac using the shortcut keys/hotkeys, follow the steps underneath the screenshot. Shortcut Keys to Create a New Folder: Shortcut key to create a … Read more

The Best Classic Editors – WordPress Plugins – 2022

Classic Editors -WordPress Plugins

Classic Editor is one of the best WordPress team-maintained official plugins that restores the old (“classic”) WordPress editor and the “Edit Post” window. It enables the usage of plugins that enlarge that screen, add old-style meta boxes, or rely on the old editor. According to the WordPress team, this classic editor is the official WordPress … Read more

Free Pro – The Best WordPress Image Optimization Plugins WordPress Image Optimization Plugin

WordPress Image Optimization plugins can greatly increase the speed of your webpage. There are many plugins and tools to optimize, only a few of which will give us the expected results. However, in this article, you will learn optimization guides of the best free paid tools and plugins. Free – WordPress Image Optimization Plugin … Read more

How to Insert a Caption in Word – 2022’s New

Insert a Caption in MS Word

A Caption in Word: A caption means a short description of the table, equation, photograph, or other illustrations in MS Word. It is used to describe something that can be published in a few words. What is a Caption? The caption means a short description of a Photograph or other illustrations. A Caption to a … Read more

The Best WordPress Gutenberg Block Editor Plugins 2022

WordPress Gutenberg Block Editor Plugin

Gutenberg Block Editor Toolkit – EditorsKit is one of the best Gutenberg block editor plugins. This lightweight WP plugin adds many special rich text formatting features. It saves a tonne of your valuable time if you use keyboard shortcuts. So what are you waiting for, install it now? Rich Text Formating and Other Features By … Read more

WordPress Bulk Edit Actions [Posts and Pages] – 2022

WordPress Posts and Pages

WordPress Bulk Edit Actions: In WordPress, you can perform bulk edit actions for posts and pages quickly and easily. Instead of editing each post or page, you can select all posts or pages related to the same categories and edit them all at once. And let’s see how to use WordPress bulk edit actions? WordPress Bulk Edit Actions: … Read more

Nofollow, or Noindex Pages, Posts, or 404 in WordPress

Noindex SEO Pugin

Noindex means you can completely block unwanted web posts or pages on your WordPress website such as 404 error pages, duplicate content pages from being followed by search engines. Doing so will not only improve the SEO of your website but also give the user a better experience. A user with a good experience becomes a loyal … Read more

How to Use Total Formula in Excel – 2022’s Secret

Sum or Total Formula in Excel

To use a total formula in excel, one must know the excel interface and basic knowledge over a cell, cell reference, row, column, range, mathematical operators, and the difference b/w formulas and functions. To return the total in excel, we have many formulas and functions. Total Formula and Function in Excel: To add numbers in … Read more

How to Use Paste Link in Excel – 2022’s Light

Copy Range of Cells in a Worksheet

Paste link is copying the range of a workbook’s sheet (with or without text) and linking it to another worksheet of the same workbook or another workbook’s sheet. Doing so will automatically update the content in the pasted range when you update or enter the content in the copied range. Link Range of Cells Between … Read more