Enable “Always Open Read Only” in MS Word, Excel, and Ppt

To prevent accidental changes from someone, you can enable the “Always Open Read-Only” command. This process is only for informational purposes but, it doesn’t protect your file.

The changes are depending upon the readers. When you enable it, your file will inform you that “Always Open Read Only”. when someone opens your Word document, excel worksheet, or PowerPoint slides. Follow the steps below to learn.

Enable Always Open Read Only

Initially, open your file that contains data.

Then go to the File menu option in Word.

As long as you click on the file menu, automatically, you will be navigated to file menu options and the command info is in the default selection if not select it.

File Menu in MS-Word
File Menu in MS-Word

Then click on the Protect Document, which is navigated right to the info.

Under protect document icon, select “Always Open Read-Only” by asking readers to opt into changes.

Now save your file somewhere else on your computer.

Always Open Read Only in MS-Word
Always Open Read-Only in MS-Word

When someone opens the file, a pop-up message will open as “The author would like you to open this as read-only unless you need to make changes. Open as read-only,” as shown in the picture below.

Always Open Read Only in MS-Word, Excel, and Ppt
Always Open Read-Only in MS Word, Excel, and Ppt

How to Enable “Always Open Read Only” Message in MS Excel, and Ppt

Enabling a message to always open read-only can be done in Excel and PowerPoint as it is done in MS Word.

What is always open read-only in MS Word?

To prevent someone from accidentally changing your document, you can enable the “Always open read-only” directive.