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All Except First Page and First Page Border in Word – 2023

All except first page border means adding borders to all pages except the first. A first-page border means adding the border only on the first page, excluding all subsequent pages in a Word document.

Page borders lend a polished and expert air to the overall appearance of your work.

You have the option of using a selection of various art styles for page borders, or you may choose from a choice of line styles, widths, colours, and effects for the page borders themselves.

This Section – First Page Border Only

Selecting "This Section First Page Only"
Apply section options
Go to the Design tab.
Click on the Page borders in the Page background group.
Under “Settings,” choose the border style, colour, width, and border effects, or select the art styles that you want to insert into your document.
Then choose “This Section-First Page Only” under “Apply to.
Then click OK.

This Section – All Borders Except First Page:

apply borders to all of the pages except first page
All Except First Page and First Page Border in Word​
Go to the Design tab
Click on the Page Borders
Choose border style, colour, width and border effects under setting or select an Art styles
Choose “This Section – All Except First Page” under “Apply to”
Then click OK.

All Page Borders:

To edit the design of your document with Microsoft Word 2010 or a later version, go to the Design tab.
Or go to the Page Layout tab in MS Word 2007 or older versions.
After that, choose the page borders from the page background group by clicking on them. This will bring up a dialogue box for you to use.
Choose whether you want to use Borders or Page Borders now.
If you pick Borders, you will be given a variety of options to choose from, including box, shadow, 3D, and custom settings for your borders, as well as border styles, lines, colours, and widths. Choose anything that you wish to have applied. (Or),
If you select the Page Border option, then you can get border styles, lines, colours, widths, and different border settings such as box, shadow, 3D, and custom, along with art styles. So select all that you want to apply.
Additionally, if you want to add colour shading to a paragraph in a Word document, you may do so by clicking on the shading option, and then selecting the colour scheme and pattern type that you want to use.

What is all except the first page border in Word?

The phrase “all except the first-page border” refers to the addition of borders on all pages other than the first.

What is a first page border in Word?

Additionally, in a word document, first-page border refers to putting the border only to the first page, eliminating all other pages.