All About Review tab in Microsoft Office Word 2019 to 2007

All About Review tab in Microsoft Office Word

All about Review Tab in MS-Word
All about Review Tab in MS-Word

Spelling and grammar (Proofing Errors):

Checks your document contents whether misspelt or grammatically wrong. Read More>>


Thesaurus gives the synonyms/similar meanings to your (selected) word.

Word Count:

Word count helps us in counting the pages, paragraphs, lines, words, characters with and without spaces.

Smart Lookup (Insights):

It helps to learn more information about the text you want online like web contents, videos, images, and other sources of information.


Translate one language to another by using Microsoft bilingual dictionaries and online services.


Set your preferred office language for checking proofing errors such as spelling and grammar check in word.

Add a new comment to any part of your selected content.

Delete Comments:

Delete any selected comment you want.

Previous Comment:

Go to the previous comment you want.

Next Comment:

Go to the next comment you want.

Show Comments:

See all the comments on the right side of your document.

Track changes are helpful when your document work in the final and to show all your changes in a list. In the Track changes, you can show different markups such as comments, insertions, deletions, inks, and formats.

Accept and Reject Changes:

You can accept and reject all the changes you made at once.


Compare the difference between one version of a document to another.


Combine the multiple documents contents into a single document when needed.

Block Authors:

Don’t allow people by blocking them from making changes in your work.

Restrict Editing:

Protect some or all part of your document work or limit them by giving restrictions.

Steps to follow in setting Password/Restrict Editing:

Restrict editing/Protect Document
  1. Go to the Review tab
  2. Click on the Restrict Editing in the Protect group
  3. Select the Edit restrictions
  4. Then click on the “Yes, Start Enforcing Protection”, then soon you will be presented a window
  5. Enter the new password in the box given under “Enter new password”, then again reenter the same password  under “Reenter password to confirm
  6. Then click on the “OK”.

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